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Bot50 Hype Should Reach Everyone

Recently a respected music promoter was a guest of one of the local Radio stations, advising government to make sure that the hype for the Bot50 celebrations reaches everyone, starting with the local media fraternity.

According to the promoter who is also a well known member of the ruling Party, taking the media on board will go a long way in ensuring that the hype and the build-up reaches every Motswana.

The promoter was against any idea of deliberately or mistakenly leaving out the private media as the nation prepares to celebrate the great 50.

Indeed Bot50 has to be felt by everyone and every sector of our economy.

Every Botswana entity has to feel this Bot50 spirit, engulf it, ooze it, and basically make it their own and give it the special attention it deserves.

This means no entity should be made to feel like they are less patriotic or they are the lesser players, especially in the dissemination of information.

It should be a time when coordinators, ministries, all see the local media as key players in dissemination of promotional material, campaigns, and the general hype needed to be built as we count down to September.

The need for collaboration   in this all important issue of national interest indeed cannot be over

-emphasised, and all and sundry must seize this opportunity to reach out to one another for the common good of our beloved country, with the realisation that we need each other for the success of the national project, especially to create the expected mood of a nation in celebration .

That said, we applaud the Minister responsible for the celebrations, Thapelo Olopeng for continuing to engage more and more sectors of the community who feel left out of the party.

His tireless efforts, initiatives and responses to the various players is indeed  a source of pride, and may that spirit for long continue. It is our hope  that Minister Olopeng and others tasked with coordinating this huge event will continue to open the doors and engage any vital entities that feel left out.

Bot50 celebrations, it should be noted, are also a form of economic stimulus, in that its P100 million budget that is begin spread across a variety of sectors, will go a long way in contributing to economic activities in Botswana.





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