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Musician-Cum-Entrepreneur Dreams Big

Moduduetso Lecoge tells the story of Dr Chiepe PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES
FRANCISTOWN: Thirty-three-year old Tebogo Nkadile says that despite being popularly known for his passion for music it has always been his dream that one day he will venture into business.

Nkadile is a band member of

“I have always been passionate about owning a business.  I am a very independent person and felt working does not offer a person independence to dictate his or her own life,” he says.

Nkadile owns a multimedia business called ‘Raspantsola Media’ that was funded by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture through the youth fund to the tune of P98,000.

He says that he used the money to buy equipment to start his business, which is situated at the old magistrate house.

He says his business mostly deals with mobile advertising, mobile stages for rentals, print CD covers and graphic designing, billboard rentals and PA sound system for hire. 

From the printing section he also does number plates and signboards.

Nkadile whose business was founded in 2012 says he has reached an impressive height.

“Immediately after forming my business I

got lucky and signed a contract with one company, which hired a mobile advertising trailer for a period of two years.

  The money was enough to help stabilise my business.  I am happy with the progress I have made so far and the client base I have established,” he says.

In addition to his company he has now created employment for four people. After years in the multimedia industry Nkadile now wants to diversify his business.

“I will soon be venturing into manufacturing, specifically sportswear. I have already bought the equipment needed to venture into the industry,” he says.

 Like any other business, Nkadile says that he does experience challenges .

“There are times the business does not get enough customers, but that is the nature of the game in the multimedia industry.  That is why I also want to diversify,” he says.




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