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Botswana Impressive on Civil Liberties But Other Indices Must Improve

The latest Global Democracy Index, formulates an impressive picture about Botswana’s state of democracy, in particular in the ratings of civil liberties.

Indeed this should  come as a moral booster to those entrusted with ensuring that civil liberties in Botswana are nourished, promoted and protected, from democratic institutions to law enforcement agencies, and to the peace loving public of Botswana.

Civil liberty is perhaps the most important indicator of a functioning democracy as it indicates the state of peace, human rights respect, freedom of choice and association, and generally living without fear. This is perhaps the ultimate goal of humanity.

It is perhaps of significance to note that in civil liberties, the latest ratings put Botswana at par with some of the most admired democracies, the most developed nations of the world, consequently causing one to pause and reflect on what we often take for granted.

Botswana’s civil liberties index has been placed at par with  such reference points as Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands,

the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, to name a few. In highly developed countries, Botswana’s civil liberties index has been rated above the  USA, and France.

Batswana must thank themselves and their institutions for building a desirable place, one of the finest in the world. Being ranked alongside the likes of the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, in civil liberties should be seen as an honour.

A number of factors count towards civil liberties, including free access to amenities such as water, electricity, healthcare, education, jobs, some of which today are under attack as a result of factors ranging from climatic change to political ineptitude.

It is the duty of everyone to guard jealously against any man-made factors that threaten to wipe away the gains our stable democracy. The only way should be up, and not down.




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