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The true story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Part 2)

Last week, sourcing from a comprehensive array of ancient texts, we uncovered how the Canaanite city of Sodom was unfairly saddled with a reputation for homosexuality to the extent that anal intercourse is now called “sodomy”, named after that doomed city.

Indeed, ancient Mesopotamian sources like the Khedeolaomar Texts and the Erra Opos reveal a far more complete and radically different picture than is popularly understood through the Old Testament (Genesis 19:5-8) which generally sought to protect and sanitise Lot’s otherwise morally indefensible actions.

Lot, other sources uncover, was sent by the “gods” (who are typically called “angels” in the OT) to spy out the whereabouts of the gods Marduk (Baal/Bel) and his son Nabu (Nebo). The pair were in hiding after a warrant of arrest was issued against them by the Pantheon of Gods, the supreme Council of Twelve, for inciting the Canaanite Kings to make a move towards the shems (rocket-launched spaceships), the gods’ most prized of possessions, that were hidden in mountain silos in this “sacred” area. Abraham then rose to greatness when he successfully quelled this insurrection (see “War of the Kings” in Genesis 14).

Marduk’s incitement of the kings, we recounted in greater detail last week, was his way of unsettling the gods when it looked like they were not going to give him what they had long promised him: that, come the year 2160 BC, when the astrological age of Aries began according to a real astronomical phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, Marduk will become Leader of the Gods. When the Pantheon reneged on their promise to Marduk, his eloquent son Nabu (after whom Nebuchadnezzar, etc. are named) won over the Canaanites to their cause, hence the real issue behind the tussle.

One day Lot confirmed that Marduk was hiding in Sodom, and Nabu in Gomorrah. Fearing once again for their precious shems, the gods decided to deal once and for all with the determined pair. But even Abraham was shocked when he heard what fate had been decided for them (see Genesis 18:20-33). Father and son, and the two “sinning” cities that harboured them, were to be obliterated with nuclear weapons: wiped out from the face of the earth. Two emissaries (“angels”) were sent to Lot’s house in Sodom to prepare the weapons. Knowing the issues, the people of Sodom quickly learnt of their presence and wanted to know who Lot was hiding, but Lot bought time by pretending not to understand them and so offered his daughters to be “known” instead. (Nowadays, we have translations that say Sodom’s people wanted to “have relations with” the male guests instead of the original “wanted to know” them; don’t believe these). And that is how a whole city was given a false reputation.

This week, we examine whether the cities were indeed destroyed with “fire and brimstone”. Secular scientists are inclined to dismiss the story as mere myth, but that would be erroneous. Firstly, we have demonstrated time and again in this column that “gods” were not mere creature of mythology – imaginary figures – but real,

pale-skinned flesh-and-blood beings of stupendously advanced technology. It was thus no wonder these “angels” (White men) could be “known” sexually. Indeed, by now, my readers will know my favourite example of their super advancement.

In January 2013, a Vladivostok resident of Russia, found an intricate aluminium gear-train (on which gears travel) fossilised and embedded in a 300 million year old piece of coal…but the smelting of bauxite (aluminium ore) was made possible only with the “advent of electricity in the late 1800s”! As for shems, if 4500 years ago, the Uratru people had never seen a space rocket before, how could they make a stunningly accurate sculpture of one – complete with astronaut? (See for its exhibition at the Turkish History Museum).

Unfortunately, the gods’ murky manipulation of our religiosity is such that it became not enough that we view them as gods, as divine beings from heaven. Their ultimate prize was the boldest ever imagined: they came together and use their advanced technology, which they kept strictly to themselves, to play God Himself. And in this they managed to fool even the brightest amongst us, always – down the ages – watching and controlling things from the shadows.

If they had rockets and could smelt aluminium millions of years ago, why could they not have nuclear weapons? As indeed revealed in India’s ancient Mahabharata, they once detonated a bomb that exploded with “the brilliance of ten thousand suns; an unknown weapon; an iron thunderbolt” whose aftermath (radiation) caused people’s hair and nails to drop off and food to be contaminated. Sodom and Gomorrah, too, felt the effects of radiation. The Khedeolaomar Texts confirm that an “Evil Wind” (radiation fallout) blew into Sumer (now Iraq) triggering the well-noted exodus of Aryans out of Asia. Who were Aryans? In truth, these were White people who were charged by their elite, the gods, with making “monotheism” the new, preferred outlook for the Age of Aries (2160 BC – 0 AD). Some went with Abraham to Egypt and became the Hyksos, i.e. hyk-ku: “Wealthy (ryk/rik/rich) Arians (nku/Sheep)”, the “Shepherds” indigenous Egyptians so hated (see Genesis 46:34)

Within the once-fertile Sinai Peninsula, near the Dead Sea, where Sodom and Gomorrah were located, a charred scar of blackened rocks, unusually rich in unranium-235, remains visible from space to this day. Geologically, the resulting sandstorms that blew into Sumer are traced to 4039 years B.P. (Before Present), giving us our date of 2024 BC: Abraham’s time. All said, the true story of Sodom shows how little we know of the real events of those days. The “gods” had good reason to want to cover up their ancient trickery of us. And as we unwittingly swallow their schemes, in the shadowy corridors of power, now as the Illuminati, they are laughing and laughing and laughing…

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