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“Premarital counselling key to successful marriages”

LINDIWE MOZOLA 2015-01-01 11:18:00
Bliss: More weddings are ending in separation
FRANCISTOWN: Married couples who have not gone through premarital counselling are likely to divorce as compared to those who have gone through it, chairman of The Family Institute Trust Tebogo Duna, has said.

Duna was addressing a press briefing on the upcoming inaugural Marriage Summit that will be held from May 14 to 16 in Francistown.

He said that premarital counselling is very vital in marriage as it is an excellent way to clear up misconceptions about marriage and prepares couples on what to expect in marriage.

He said that premarital counselling is also an excellent avenue that couples can use to learn how to manage finances, how they might divide household chores, how they handle holidays, how to discipline the children and others.

“Many people think that counselling at the District Commissioner is enough, but that is not the case as pre-marital counselling must be carried out for a certain period of time prior to marriage to ensure that the couple understands the big step that they are to take,” he said.

Furthermore, Duna

said that the issue of divorce is a concern in the society and communities need to stand up and devise initiatives that can help reduce the high rate of broken marriages.

He also said that couples must understand marriage policies before they exchange their vows in order to raise families that are prosperous and responsible. 

Duna said that lack of accommodation for tertiary students is also a concern as students end up cohabiting due to insufficient funds.

“This sometimes ends with disastrous consequences like murders,” said Duna. 

Additionally, he said that some people co-habit for financial reasons because they do not want to get married.

He called on authorities to look into the issue of married couples who stay in different places arguing that these situations have the potential to cause family break-ups and increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.




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