Moswaane at it again

President Ian Khama's failure to create sustainable jobs for the youth of this country has not only left opposition parties baffled. Even members of his own party are beginning to wonder what the President has in place to address high unemployment.

Sticking out his neck for the umpteenth time, the Member of Parliament for Francistown West Ignatius Moswaane is demanding that President Khama come to parliament today to explain what he has done for Batswana this year.

He (Moswaane) also wants to know if the President is fulfilling promises he made during his last year’s election campaigns.

“The President should give reasons that led to the executive to offer six percent salary increment for public servants.  “We need an update, comprehensive strategies to uproot corruption other than the existing ones which were in place before the elections,” the increasingly combative Moswaane said in his motion.

Mmegi is in possession of the urgent motion by Moswaane calling on Khama to come and “comprehensively” explain to MPs, strategies on job creation by government and a number of other sticky issues. 

Those close to the MP say that he plans to take advantage of parliament shut down to take his message forward. “He is actually demanding that his party President brief parliament before its closure,” said one.

The MP informed the Speaker of the National Assembly Gladys Kokorwe yesterday about the objective of his motion, but it is not clear if it would see the light of the day.

Moswaane wants the President to explain to parliament how the bargaining council had reached the six percent salary increase.

He wants the President to explain whether it is not time to consider setting laws that would clearly liberate parliament

from the executive and comprehensive strategies on how Batswana are going to benefit from the just approved budget.

He says parliament approves the budget for the sake of the budget and that the priorities are done elsewhere.

“The President should explain in detail whether there are strategies in place to empower women and youth in 2015/2016 financial year. 

“There is need for him to update us on comprehensive and clearly outlined strategies on citizen empowerment and strategies on prevention of job losses. “Batswana have lost jobs especially in the mining sector this year, but we had promised that we would create jobs for the people,” he says.

The MP says the motion is urgent because they are in the first quarter of the first year in office as the National Assembly (the 11th parliament).

“There is nothing to take back to the constituencies to show our performance as MPs.

“The update would help parliament to determine how best Batswana could access the promises to create a better living for themselves,” he says.

The concerned MP suspects the wealth of the country is not distributed fairly, more especially tenders, which he said are in the hands of the foreigners who have no plans to keep their monies in the country.

Since Moswaane was voted in parliament, he has been bringing controversial questions and motions to parliament. 

Recently he called on the government to investigate maladministration and misuse of funds at Botswana National Youth Council.




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