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Kids hospitalised after killing woman's snake

Five children, who killed a snake allegedly linked to a belief by its owner that it brings wealth, were hospitalised and discharged after they started having crawling around and crying.

The strange story is unfolding at Okapya village in Oshana’s Okaku Constituency.

Okaku Constituency Councillor Joseph Kapya Endjala told Namibian Sun that the children, who have since been discharged, had been prayed for and were now doing better.

According to sources the children, who were on their way to fetch water last week, found a snake fighting with chameleon, and shot it with a catapult.

The snake allegedly belongs to an elderly woman.

Sources claim the snake was linked to a belief by the woman that it brought her and her family money.

After learning about the snake’s death, the woman demanded that it to be brought back to her alive.

Following her demand, the children began behaving strangely - rolling on the ground and crying.

Some have alleged that they were crawling around like snakes.

Oshana Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa,

said they had heard about the incident.

“The mother of two of the children came to us looking for help, so that the children can be taken to the hospital,” Kashihakumwa told Namibian Sun.

He said they took the children to Oshakati State Hospital.

“We were told they were rolling around on the ground and crying. The only way was to take them to the doctor to see what problem was,” he said.

Kashihakumwa said he sent police officers to the village and they saw a snake hanging there.

He said the officers could say whether it was the snake that had been killed by the children.

Endjala said the children had been prayed for, although he had not personally seen them crawling on the ground.

He added that the children will only return to school once they are stable.





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