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Maele protects Khama ownership of island

The Minister of Lands and Housing Prince Maele has refused to disclose the ownership of Diseta Island in Shakawe to Parliament this week. Maele would not tell the House the identity of the beneficiary of a residential plot on the island, but confirmed that it has been allocated.

According to media reports, this residential plot belongs to President Ian Khama.

Answering a question posed by MP Dithapelo Keorapetse in Parliament Monday, Maele said Diseta Island in Shakawe is tribal land under the authority and administration of Tawana Land Board.

“Like all tribal land elsewhere, it is a communal resource held in trust for the community. However, the beneficial ownership of a residential plot on the island has been allocated. 

“With reference to the directors and/or individuals who have been allocated the plot, the Honourable Member’s attention is drawn to Section 16 (2) of the Tribal Land Act and Regulation 7 (2) of the Tribal Land Regulations, which make public and open for inspection, all meetings and certificates issued under Customary Land Rights, respectively,” said Maele.

The minister also drew Keorapetse’s attention to Standing Order 38.1 (m), which provides guidance in terms of the contents of a question.

“A question shall not be asked seeking

information which can be found in accessible documents or ordinary works of reference and which is readily available in official publications.”   He said notwithstanding, the rights referred thereto were granted in August 1991 for residential purposes and the certificate of customary grant was issued by Tawana Land Board in 1993.

“Available records do not indicate any other candidates who had applied for the land, including unsuccessful candidates. The application for the land was therefore, procedurally before the Land Board.”

The MP for Selebi-Phikwe West had asked Maele whether Diseta Island in Shakawe is privately owned or considered a shared communal resource.

If privately owned, he should state the company as well as directors that own the island and when the island was allocated.

Keorapetse also wanted to know who had applied including unsuccessful candidates and if at all procedures on the allocation of shared natural resources were followed by the Land Board.






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