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The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) finally throws a bone at its dog!

Recently the BDP government went as far as raping Batswana of their lone right of representation by igniting an outrageous flare of trickery through the nomination of specially elected councilors.

The BDP regime simply remunerated its losers with positions. Dogs were thrown into council.

The appointment of Mephato Reatile, Macdonald Peloetletse, Kagiso Ntime and Alec Seametso as specially elected councilors would go down in history as treachery and of sheer concern.

Democracy alone has been raped; ‘Khamarians’ are awarded positions for their long amenity of bootlicking, uncouth semantic and two-facedness defending the ‘Khamarian’ government.

It is perceived the Minister liable for such selection, Honorable Slumber Tsogwane, when constituting councils; he took into consideration the experience, qualification, gender balance, youth and the disadvantaged groups within a locality. With these appointments, one can actually argue of what value Mephato Reatile brings to council, more so now that he has been voted as the council chairperson for Southern council. In which principal aforementioned does he fall?

Another comical appointment is the appointment of Alec Seametso as Deputy Chairperson of Southern council, a classical council indeed.

This Alec Seametso if some has already forgotten his assention to fame: he is the Alec Seametso with whom    Ian Khama turned political rallies into an insult tolerant platform; and so doing transforming BDP politics to politics of stone age.

I find it fit to respond to the unruly hypocrite who found comfort in redeeming his resentful ego by throwing jabs at comrade Tawana Moremi alongside his equally hypocritical President.

Under Ian Khama’s regime, ethics have been reduced to private morality. The ethics of social responsibility is now considered a matter of politics reserved for Ian Khama and his bootlickers.

To oppose government policy, to oppose Ian Khama is now immoral. To attempt to liberate the people from these systems of oppression is a criminal offence.

Social injustice reigns supreme, and this potbellied hypocrite Alec Seametso like MacDonald Peloetletse, is enjoying the liberty of these ills.

Using the taxpayer’s money, this binge abuser traveled nation-wide, perpetuating a system he knows to be a lie, respectable people are indoctrinated by his and Khama’s propaganda, and the nation has become incapable of recognising truth. Our government itself has become corrupt.

A government is expected to be the organ through which any society mediates its moral values to establish an accepted social morality which members of the society collectively regard as desirable.

The law is used for inhuman purposes; respect for the law has collapsed. BDP pit-bulls have become a law unto themselves; the law enforcement agencies have killed their conscience and engaged in unlawful acts also. As Ian Khama continues to put political weight supporting this unruly behavior of Alec Seametso with draconian measures disregarding the rule of

tradition and insulting Batawana born Paramount Chief in public, he should be advised that Kgosi Tawana Moremi is not his small boy. Alec Seametso should desist from uttering garbage at rallies.

 Clearly the UDC campaign has gained momentum. Smaller towns and rural areas have joined the campaign in increasing numbers.

Batches of fellow countrymen are defying a variety of unjust laws and regulations in scores of small towns and villages.  Regime Change in 2019 is inevitable to an extent that hooligans found it sane and moral to parade an ex-wife, mother of the heir, to the Batawana chieftainship in public as means of gaining public support. Intimidations across the country of UDC activists and leaders has also sky rocketed.

In the face of this great upsurge, in yet another move to intimidate the people, offices and homes of UDC leaders are broken into with the hope of acquiring intelligence by DIS operatives.

Apart from wanting to intimidate the people, the aim of these break-in’s, as events are to prove later, is to find evidence for a major conspiracy trial, for the Ian Khama Government is desperately trying to cut off the leadership of the ever-growing regime change campaign from the people.

Despite this wave of intimidation and brutality channeled towards our leaders, however, the campaign is gaining momentum. The Umbrella for Democratic Change is destined to win the 2019 elections.

As the youth, we have a unique contribution to make to the process of moral renewal which is at the heart of the UDC campaigns.

Our imagination is not bound by the past, and the commitment is less restricted by the responsibilities of parenting.

Education is being turned upside down by the BDP government, and the input of young people is vital in this, as in other fields.  Those in control of religious and political processes have the opportunity to open new fields of development to those who are young.

The vision of a united transformed nation must be constantly before us. It is done by accepting responsibility for ourselves, not by blaming others.

 It requires a commitment by every sector of society to build a nation with a sound ethical base.

Good people make good nations, not motor-mouths like Alec Seametso.Cynicism, fear and frustration are driven out by rediscovering faith in ourselves and nurturing the spirit of brotherhood in our nation.

This article is not linked to the movement I so belong in, my family, my friends nor my girlfriends. It is written in my personal capacity as a youth of this nation.

Kabelo Masvingo Mhuriro

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