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LEGABIBO must be given respectable space to co-exist

In my Christian faith I have again and again been taught that after a fierce battle in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ triumphed over Satan, Lucifer the devil, and the latter was thrown down onto earth.

I was taught that Satan’s main objective is to put Christians to test, either one triumphs over him to get admitted into heaven or one loses and gets to be fried in the eternally burning fire of sulphur. 

I was taught that there shall be Judgement Day when Lord Jesus shall be the sole judge and that this decision of whether one is admitted into heaven or gets thrown into the fire shall be made only by Lord Jesus.

Infact, when Christians are on the receiving end they are quick to sing “this world is not ours, we are enroute to heaven where we shall live forever happily”.

One business person once said, “this world is big enough to accommodate all of us without necessarily stepping on one another.” So, given these teachings the Christians should not conveniently forget that this earth is a jungle designed for all faiths and believes to co-exist.

If indeed this earth is not their home, why then do Christians tend to believe they alone have the right to live, rule, and control it?

Why not wait for their deliverance to reach Heaven then they can live happily there without being burdened by those they don’t necessarily like?

The reason why Christians and Muslims don’t see eye to eye across the world is purely due to the selfish zeal of either to get to be seen as bigger and stronger than the other. 

Each faith believes they are the superior, thus they have the right to manipulate and control the other on this earth.

Accordingly, I understand Christians are supposed to be principled, down-to-earth individuals who preach without fear or favour. The Bible prohibits Christians from turning either emotional or violent when their teachings are not taken heed of. What the Christians have said so far about homosexuality, prostitution, and other acts is enough. There is no need to shout from roof tops and try to hackle the government into appealing court rulings.

If we cannot wait for Lord Jesus to come, we should then respectfully live within the jungle nature of this world.

We have to get clear understanding that, just like everyone other

occupant of this shared earth, we have the right to our homes, churches and businesses; where we can lay the rules that prohibit those beliefs and practices we do not subscribe to.

Within the confines of their homes and their church buildings, Christians shall safeguard against infiltration by those practices they do not subscribe to but not attempt to harass everyone seeking space. In the same way, smokers and drunkards have their respectable spaces as well as specialised buildings in the form of bars and pubs where they are allowed to practice their act without harassment.

Given that the majority of the citizenry does not subscribe to the practices of smokers and drunkards, rather than ban their existence, the society has put up restrictions as to where and when they may do their act and we respect their space. So, why not apply similar standards to LEGABIBO?

Members of LEGABIBO, just like smokers and drunkards, Christians and Muslims, must be given their deserved respect and recognition so long as they practice their choice within the confines of their space and the limits of the law.

Just like I would do with a smoker, I would admit a LEGABIBO member into either my home or church so long as they follow the requirements of entry, such as dress code, but I wouldn’t allow them to practice their act within my space.

People must not use the cover of Christianity to ride on the wave of publicity in attempt to gain recognition by those in high offices.

It is a waste of time for prayer when Christians start pushing government to act on an issue that neither benefits nor disadvantage the Christians.

 If any disadvantage, isn’t it equivalent to that exerted by the smokers and beer drinkers?

Christians are just driven by their desperate need to be recognised as powerful and able to rule this earth. We must get a life and stop harassing other fellow citizens.

*This is my personal view and do not in any way represent the position of my church or the Botswana Council of Churches (BCC). Omongwe Samuel Ramakoba.Tel. +267 72307505


Omongwe Samuel Ramakoba*

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