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“Motho Ke Motho Ka Batho Ba Bangwe,” as the saying goes

The 12 years in Botswana, from 1990 - 2002, were the best years of my professional Medical and Public Health Career.

The Botswana experience was the foundation to my teaching on the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), University of London postgraduate courses on AIDS since 2005.

I thank the Athlone Hospital Advisory Committee that supported the Athlone AIDS Awareness Project (AAAP) financially and materially from 1990 to 1999, with the culmination of the Athlone Health “Mother Model” Resource Centre, born on 1 December, 1999. Chairperson, Mma Mbulawa, and the Patron Mr Goolam were the unsung heroes at local, Lobatse level.

At national level, I have never ceased to praise, the former Tautona’s - HE President Masire; HE President Festus Moga and the former  honourable Minister of Health, Hon Joy Phumaphi, for the faith, confidence, trust and funding that was placed in the Athlone Hospital AIDS Awareness

“best practice” Programme (AAAP), in Lobatse, Botswana. I am proud to have been part of the solution in Botswana when it came to addressing HIV infections, AIDS and TB.

It could not have been done without the political commitment, decisiveness and will of the Botswana Government and its people. I had to mention Botswana’s winning edge in AIDS Prevention and Control at the discussion on 18 November, 2014  “Drawing lessons across HIV and Ebola” - in the forwarded email from the STOPAIDS Director, Ben Simms.

The Mapara family shall remain indebted forever to Botswana, its beautiful people and political leadership. 


Ngaka Edwin Mavunika Mapara - BSc.HB, MBChB, DTM & H (S.Africa); DTM & H, DLSHTM, MSc (England)

Former Chief Medical Officer, (1990 - 2002) Athlone Hospital, Lobatse, Botswana.

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