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Deputy school head accused of satanism

BONTE SEEPI 2013-11-01 16:57:00
Angry parents at the Kgotla. PIC BONTE SEEPI
A deputy school head at Ramokgonami village, Tswapong South, had to be evacuated for her own safety after scores of students claimed she initiated them into satanism.

In a heated meeting last week, seven students at Ramokgonami Junior Secondary School,  have claimed to  use necklaces and maps, for supernatural powers to initiate fellow students into a dark occult.They also claim to  suck people’s blood, cause road accidents, cause misunderstanding among teachers, sleep with other students and kill opponents.

The students revealed this at a heated and chaotic emergency mass meeting by worried students following bizarre behavior by some students at  the school.

In a funny twist, the self-proclaimed initiates  who claimed to have been initiated by the school’s female deputy head, whom they refer to as their queen, also claimed the headmaster had also been initiated into the occult-albeit unknown to himself.

Irate parents in the village   thronged the village main Kgotla in masses on Wednesday, accusing the school  Deputy head ( name with-held) of initiating their children into mysterious rituals they say is satanism.

Rgional education officers from Mahalapye  and Serowe attended the  heated meeting at the village kgotla. At the meeting, enraged community members threatened to burn down the school  if  the deputy head master is not removed.

They also blamed the school authorities for not addressing the matter urgently.

“This morning, students did not attend classes and teachers also refused to teach. They said they fear other students. Therefore, you must go with your Satan, we don’t need riot police in our village but if you don’t take action today we will take action and you will take the blame tomorrow,” warned one villager, Denison Legopelo.

Another parent, Kenosi Kepaletswe, also complained about the deputy headmasters’ office which, they said,

management refused to open after the affected students claimed it is inhabited by  super-natural snake. Parents also demanded their children be tested for HIV/AIDS, since one student confessed that he  sexually abused them.

“Go remove that snake at Mokobi’s office and take her away with you today.  If this satanic thing is a registered church with a certificate, you must tell us where it had been registered and show us its certificate. We have churches that we attend with our children at home, therefore our children goes to school to learn not to attend evil churches,” said Kepaletswe angrily.

Regional Operations Director (Central District) Molebi Morolong  begged parents to calm down saying their (Education Officers) presence at the Kgotla showed how serious and concerned they were  about the matter.

She explained to the parents the channels that must be followed before a decision could be made.

“I don’t have a problem with going along with the deputy school head as you demanded even though I came unprepared to take her.”

“But looking at the situation we have in hand and what you said, I will have to take her with me for her own safety and for the safety of the  students,” explained Morolong. Morolong pleaded with the parents and the community to give her some time to do further investigations on the matter. She added that the issue of Satanism was growing in schools and must be reported to them early.

She said they would question the school headmaster regarding the matter since he failed to report the matter to them.

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