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Rapping In Strange Tongues

BONTE SEEPI 2013-11-01 16:57:00
The map used for initiation
When Letty Ntumeleng of Ramokgonami last week heard her Form II son Nicholas rapping in strange tongues, and acting strange, she suspected something was terribly wrong.

This would be the beginning of confessions by the boy who claimed to have been initiated into a satanic cult by the school’s deputy head, along with several other students.

According to Nicholas’s mother, Letty Ntumelang, her son started acting strangely last weekend. He started drawing horrific pictures at home, after which he started rapping in gibberish.  Ntumelang said that after witnessing her son’s shocking behaviour, she called a pastor to come and pray for the boy. “Nick acted so weird that I ended up calling the pastor to come and pray for him. Upon the pastor’s arrival, Nick ran away and later came back with other people, and headed into his room and slept. After some time Nick woke up and put into his boots and that is when he started fighting. He was so strong that it took about eight people who were in the house to hold him down and calm him until he

went back to sleep,” explained Ntumelang.

After Nicholas was prayed for, he mentioned that there were other students at school who had the same problem. Nicholas’s parents classified the issue as an urgent matter and on Monday they met with other parents at village library to discuss the issue.

According to Ntumelang and other parents who were at the meeting, they concluded that they had to meet the school authorities as soon as possible this past Tuesday. By the time the parents arrived at  the school, it was already so chaotic: students refused to go into classes, calling for  the resolution of the matter. The commotion at the school compelled the parents and the school authorities to sit down and discuss the matter. That is when the students revealed their evil doings and the person who initiated them. All fingers pointed at the deputy school head, and that did not go down well with the parents.




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