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‘Sebina Monster’ Found Guilty Of Arson

FRANCISTOWN: A Zimbabwe man dubbed the ‘Sebina Monster” was on Friday found guilty of two counts of arson that he committed at Sebina last year in August 9.

Delivering judgment Senior Magistrate, Thebeetsile Mulalu, said the prosecution has proven its case against Mcgini Ncube beyond reasonable doubt.

The accused was dubbed ‘Sebina Monster” after cases of murder, theft and rape griped Sebina and surrounding villages following the commission of the offences last year.

The rape and murder of people, especially old women at Sebina and surrounding villages still remain a mystery today. No one  has been charged for committing the crimes. According to Mulalu’s judgment, the perpetrator of the arson cases used the same pattern when committing the crimes.

The magistrate said that at one point he scribbled the words ‘I want to have sex’ and ‘I am back by Charles Ncube and I want to kill ladies’ on the ground after committing the crimes.

Mulalu said that the accused chose to give unsworn testimony after his rights were fully explained to him.

The magistrate said that Ncube told the court that people at Marobela and neighbouring villages knew him as a cooperative and peaceful man.

“He said he told the

police that he knew nothing about the charges he is currently facing and also vehemently denied being the owner of the boots that the police were tracking,” said Mulalu.

Mulalu said that Ncube told the police that the shoes they were tracking belonged to someone else and were not his.

“The accused also said that he did not show the police where the boots were hidden contrary to what the police had told the court. He said that he only admitted to the offences after he been beaten by rods and at one point buried in river sand by the police in order to extract a confession from him. He told the court that he said that because he feared for his and was hopeful that the truth will be revealed in court,” Mulalu said in a court. In mitigation, Ncube asked the court for forgiveness since he knew nothing about the offences and was solely taking care of two children in Zimbabwe.

Sentencing will be on  Wednesday.




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