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BUIST introduce social science

PALAPYE: Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) will soon introduce the Humanities and Social sciences courses; this was confirmed by Department of Mathematics and Statistics Professor, Alphonse Amey.

Amey affirmed that when presenting John Cooke (College of Sciences Dean) introductory remarks at the University’s Library Auditorium during the Land Degradation Index (LDI) Mapping stakeholders’ workshop last week. He said the department of humanities and social sciences will be soon introduced because of its significance.

“BIUST is a college of Sciences and Engineering therefore it should offer science and engineering courses, but that does not mean that we should ignore other important courses that are not science related but being useful to the society. Science without a  human face is not good for the society, therefore, we will introduce the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities,” said Amey.

 He also said that other important courses that the University is looking forward to introducing is the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, under College of Engineering and Technology.

“We shall also instigate Department of Multimedia and Film Production Technology as well as the Department of Technical Journalism and Communication. They will be under College of Information and Communications Technology.”

“Lastly, we are looking forward to institute more courses to the College of

Sciences, namely Department of Health and Food Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Department of Social Sciences and Humanities,” emphasized Amey.

He said that BIUST wishes to expand to a level that will grow the economy of Botswana.

Amey told the workshop attendants that the school holds the vision for the school, by 2020, to be made up of 4,000 students, 30% of which being postgraduate students. He said they are also willing to open Research Institutes and Centre’s as well as Outreach Centre’s around Botswana.

Meanwhile, the Principal Investigator and Project Director, Professor Felicia Akinyemi said that they had been monitoring the land degradation in the Central District. She said that they chose Palapye to be their study area because the village has rapid landscape changes and transformations which plays an important role in mining, energy and hospitality service industries of Botswana.

“Palapye has rapid landscape changes, which are evidenced by the Morupule coal mine, Morupule power station and the BIUST. There is also a water treatment site in Palapye which also add to our study site,” said Akinyemi




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