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Panthers Whitewash Dinare

Panthers’ Grade A batter, Disang Selemogwe was the toast of the day when he struck two home runs as his team whitewashed Dinare 7-0 in an exciting southern region Bofinet Softball League match played on Saturday in Gaborone.

Selemogwe capped off a fine performance with another run, as Panthers picked up their second win of the season after four League assignments.

Dinare were first to bat with their leadoff batter, Koogositse Motshokipheko, struggling to get them off to a good start. There was little to write home about after a disappointing opening inning.  

Panthers then punished their opponents, who are sorely missing the services of their catcher Kagiso Magetse, a new Police IX signing, as they struck twice to take an early lead. Tshepiso Mphaphogang, Panthers first batter, managed to progress to first base courtesy of a free walk. He then stole another base Selemogwe’s well-struck home run set him for a run.

With Kelebonye Moseki batting for Dinare in the top two inning, they looked like they would draw level after a terrible top one start. But a free base was all he could get as the next three batters failed to set him up for a run. The bottom two inning was largely disappointing as Panthers also struggled to replicate their bottom one form. Panthers made a change early in the top one and effected some positional changes.  With the score still narrow, Dinare had a chance to level terms, but failed to touch home plate.

The bottom three was also not a good one for Panthers as they also struggled. Dinare’s top four change in which they brought in their former captain Bokamoso Diseko for Thabiso Ramooki.

Diseko is a batting

maven, but could not help his team with man on the second and third base, as he was taken out on three strikes. Panthers killed the game in the bottom four, their best performance of the season so far. Selemogwe added to his tally as he made another good hit that saw him move to first base before moving to third base as Panthers tried to extend the lead.

Selemogwe scored another run after Panthers failed to catch a fly ball. Tiro Majulugwa made it 4-0 with a swift run to the home plate. Duna, who was at third base, added another to make it 5-0 before Tsaone Gaotingwe scored the next run to make it 6-0

Dinare were still subdued in the top five inning with an even worse showing.

With 26 minutes to go, Panthers simply needed a run to wrap up the game.

After their first batter was taken out on three balls, their hopes of burying the game lay on Selemogwe. He never disappointed with a straight homer, his second of the day and his team’s seventh.

Mphaphogang said he was happy with the performance.

“We had to win this game, we have been having trouble winning. We have been struggling to hit the ball during games, softball is like football - you fail to hit the ball you don’t score - but today we had a lot of chances of getting bases and getting contact on the ball,” he said.




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