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Pleading for presidential favour for Dumelang Saleshando

Staff Writer
God gave us life to spend it wisely and peacefully, everyone is naturally endowed by their Creator with certain rights that cannot be infringed or given away; amongst these rights are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Mr President I salute you for encouraging Batswana to share what they have with others, especially the disadvantaged, surely this is the spirit of botho (Housing Appeal).

Botswana is acknowledged for an uninterrupted record of multi- party democracy, respect for human rights, and the rule of law. Since Independence, we never experienced hard times like those we see in Asian Countries or even those from next door neighbours be South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda and other African Countries. Since Independence the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has been a formidable force in party politics, successive elections, all of which have been deemed to be free and fair. All along the dominance of the BDP has been linked to the weakness of the opposition parties and voter apathy. Despite all these, I wish to congratulate you and the founder of this party (Sir Seretse Khama e khukhwe e maoto a ditshipi) for a job well done. I don’t belong to any political party in this country nor an active member of any political movement but that does not mean I don’t vote: I do vote and encourage others to vote for parties of their choice.

I wish to remind you that there are certain characteristics found in some people who seem naturally in a position where they are looked up to as a leader. I know very well that Mr Dumelang Saleshando made a serious blunder by failing to join other opposition parties and this has cost him a constituency, position as leader of opposition and dignity.

He walks tall with experience and a tank full of good qualities of

a leader and therefore I wish to humbly request you my Paramount chief, my President, my colleague in the regiment (I am born in 1952 and you followed in 1953 so re mo Mophatong ole mongwe) and you are the leader of our regiment to consider him for a position in your cabinet to save this country from losing such a versatile asset like him.

I know you to be a humble man who has this country and its citizens at heart that is why after the holy spirit visited me at my Ward Sekao  in Serowe last night motivated me to humbly request you Mr President to think of your children who you raised well in this country, encourage them and don’t allow the devil to cheat you and lose a vibrant young man like Dumelang, see where you can use such talented people for the benefit of this country. He is not the only one to represent the hopes, aspirations and interests of every citizen in this country but  I chose him because of his special skills. Some  of his skills are; morals, confidence, commitment, humor, positivity, inspiration, bravery, honesty, exemplary character, tolerance, values and integrity. This man always keeps a cool head, despite storms, emotions and crises; for he knows they come and go. Ke khubame ka mangole mong wame ke a kopa ngwana wa rona ke yoo mo dirise.



Ob. Man-Man Goepamang Palape.

72358088, 73258088.

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