Satan is seducing your child

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You could never imagine your school-going child eating human flesh or excreta and washing it all down with a beaker of blood!

No, you will not allow yourself to be insulted by this story. In fact, you believe such gross nonsense of a story should never have been published. And chances are you may not appreciate the importance if this story until it is too late. That day, as many parents have come to realise, will be when you learn that your precious little girl or boy is a Satanist - a devil worshipper!

And if your child is a Satanist, chances are that you will not know. You will not know because devil worshippers don't just hoot. They do yell though when they tell. And so it was that a group of schoolgirls in Francistown, finding themselves between a rock and a hard place, started yelling.  This was after they entered the Jehovah's Potters' House Assembly with the aim of causing havoc in the church, as they would later reveal. Their story is a frightful narration of just how your beautiful little girl or boy may be into Satanism and you would know of it! What more, you better know that there is another realm or plane or whatever you want to call it - something beyond the natural and physical. And your child may just be an expert in travelling to this metaphysical place!

Schools in Botswana are infested with devil worshippers, the girls said as Pastor Keorapetse questioned them.

Operating more like drug-dealers, they get instructions from up the rungs of the ladder of Satanism. And travelling to meet their leaders is not an issue as they can simply summon a slice of bread, a needle, a blanket or mealie meal bag and instruct it to take them to the depths of the ocean where they hold meetings with their leaders and receive instructions. The girls even have the power to resurrect dead bodies after they exhume them and then take them along to the meetings in the ocean. It is in the ocean where they 'reinforce' their powers by eating human flesh and drinking blood. The recruits first have to prove that they are serious by accepting an offer of human excreta.

"Our chief eats brains and entrails of humans as they are considered a treat. Those that have just been initiated are offered human faeces, which they must eat," said one of the schoolgirls, as she wobbled about as if in a drunken stupor after the pastor prayed for her.

From time to time Pastor Keorapetse would shout out a question and then say: "Burn in the name of Jesus." The girls would ask for mercy saying they were in pain.

And just how do these young people recruit others into devil worship? A simple wink is enough to convince a person to join, said one of the girls.

"But there are those who resist. We curse them and sometimes, they die," she said.

Their hunting grounds are hair salons and churches, she said. To the astonishment of the listeners, the girl mentioned a well-known church in Botswana and said that the church's priest always accompanied her during her nocturnal activities. And the church members who are not Satanists have no inkling about their priest's escapades in the kingdom of darkness.   

The girls went on:  Devil worshippers are planted at hair salons, with the sole aim of engraving the number 666, motifs of dragons

and stars on hairpieces. In Judeo-Christian faiths, the number "6" is considered an incomplete and unholy number as opposed to say "7" "3", or "40".  God rested on the seventh day. Jesus, rose from the dead on the third day; Jesus fasted for 40 days. In the Bible "666" is referred to as "The mark of the beast"; It is the number that Satan will engrave on the foreheads of those that he recruits to his kingdom.

The devil worshippers said they often find willing recruits among youngsters because they are fond of alcohol and always engaged in brawls after bingeing. At school, devil worshippers are encouraged and even participate in fights in which blood ends up being shed. Then, when nobody sees them, they lap up the blood of the protagonists.

You would want to believe that there was something supernatural about the girls even if you were a visitor to the church. From time to time the school girls would act like animals or even persons said to be inhabiting them and would very easily have qualified for Ripley's Believe it or Not show!

One of them even turned into an old woman, as she would walk clutching her waist saying it was painful. She even spoke in the tired voice of an old woman. Then she started wriggling on the ground like a snake, belowing and growling like a lion. The pastor prayed for the girls, effectively setting them free from the bondage of the devil, as she said.

The incident with the schoolgirls is not the first one at the church. There have been many others where the forces of evil were brought under the subjugation of the power of God.

Pastor Keorapetse says Satanists enter her church with the aim of destroying it.

However because the Church represents good, whenever evil forces try to invade it, they are caught out.

"Here (at Potters) we do not play with the devil. We have got Jehovah God on our side and the devil knows he cannot dare touch us. We are invincible to him.

He is tormenting people around the world because he knows his time is near," she said. Following the incident at the Potter's House, The Monitor checked the Internet to understand if Satanism is a real phenomenon and if it affected children. The search engine threw back 539,000 results. One such website Kids and Teens For Satan teaches children how to worship the devil and how to become gods, by using the power.

"Satan shows us we are important. There are many times we can't fight back. There are people who are bigger or have more power, and adults who are mean and unfair. Satan has his demons look out for us and take care of big problems that we cannot handle. He shows us how we can have power with our minds that other people don't have and how to use this power to get what we want in life. We can have money, love, and a good job. People who are mean to us get punished," reads a segment from the website.

With Internet access easily available to children at home, school and from Internet cafes, you can never really know what your child is up to. Worse, Satanism has been linked to drug abuse and child trafficking.



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