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Another Way (1982) a.k.a Egymasra Nzve (original title) is showing on August 6 only, at the Gaborone Film Society at 7pm in the A/V Centre at Maru a Pula School. A number of Karoly Makk's films have been shown previously, including his 1971 classic Love (a.k.a  Szerelem) and his follow-up sequel A Long Weekend In Pest And Buda (2003) (Mmegi September 2 and 9, 2008). Another Way was nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes in 1982, and won K‡roly Makk the FIPRESCI Prize, and Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak Best Actress. In San Paulo, Brasil, in 1983 to took Best Feature Film.

Another Way is set in Budapest in 1958, two years after the failed revolution against the communist dictatorship in 1956, which was suppressed by an invasion of Soviet tanks. After much effort the return to a government led by Imre Nagy happened on October 3, 1956. By November 4th 200,000 Russian troops and 2,500 tanks had rolled into Budapest.  The Russian did not leave Hungary until June 1991. Another Way opens in a hospital and establishes a tragedy. A nurse asks "Did your husband find you?" A strong and handsome blonde woman in her mid-30s is bandaged around the neck and chest.  Livia Horv‡th (played by a Polish actress, Grazyna Szapolowska; the voice in Hungarian is provided by Judit Hern‡di).  We quickly learn that her lover Eva is dead, killed trying to cross the border illegally, and that Livia's husband, Dšnci Horv‡th is in prison. "Eva is a heroine.My heart is broken. Leave me alone. I've gone mad".  What actually happened will unravel during the course of this brilliant film.

Eva Szal‡nczky (acted by Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, voice in Hungarian by Ildik— B‡ns‡g) is a smaller, dark, very intense younger woman. She has been without a job for two years, since the brief 'Spring' of 1956. Eva has a sanctuary when needed outside Budapest in the village with her mother. Now Eva wants to work again as a journalist. She has applied to The Truth for a job and comes to town for an interview with the editor, Erd›s (played by Jozef Kroner, Hungarian voice by Gyula Szab—). Most attention in this film rests on the two women and their affair. Yet Erd›s, the editor of The Truth, is a

character of far greater depth and fascination-he is an older man who has developed the strategies required to survive living under a dictatorship.  He also has evolved rationalizations for continuing to live and work in Hungary (over 200,000 fled Hungary after the Russian invasion).Erd›s hires Eva and places her at an empty desk facing Livia's.

Eva's problem is compounded by her sexual orientation.  A friend, Magda (Judit Pog‡ny), whom she knew in prison, comes to Eva's small rented room.  Magda has just been released and wants love. The State lacks understanding. Eva recognises that her problem is that she loves other women.  Eva has already succumbed to a magnetism she feels from Livia.  Livia has not reciprocated; but she also has not yet rejected Eva.  Eva does little things to show that she is interested in Livia.

At the core of the movie is an investigative field trip by three journalists, Livia, Eva and Fiala (G‡bor Reviczky), to a collective village. They have been assigned to write-up for The Truth what they learn.  Critical events happen there, including the revelation of an aspect of forced collectivisation that has been kept under wraps. The village Chairperson at Selznok recounts a history that belongs to the nation from his perspective.Eva's article is not publishable; to meet deadlines Erd›s edits it, leaving out the truth.

Eva and Livia frequent a Budapest caf where a pianist plays The Man I Love and Bloody Sunday.Their flirtation accelerates. Livia is married, but childless. Her husband, Dšnci Horv‡th (Pter Andorai) is an army Captain.He is conservative and proper. Her married life seems to bore her. She is both attracted to Eva and repelled. When with her she desires her.  When away she knows how unacceptable any relationship with Eva is. Yet when Eva, the unrepentant Magyar nationalist, goes home to her village, Livia follows her there.Another Way is one hour and 43 minutes long. It is rated 18+.  It is in Hungarian with English Subtitles. The directors are K‡roly Makk and J‡nos Xantus. The script is by K‡roly Makk and Erzsbet Galg—czi. It is based on the novella by Erzsbet Galg—czi. The cinematographer is Tamas Andor. The editor is Gyorgy Sivo. The classy jazz music is by Laszlo Des and Janos Masik. 



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