Be mobile Competitiveness Has Relevance-Magapa

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FRANCISTOWN: be Mobile competitiveness has a significant relevance to the current trying economic conditions. be Mobile Head of Sales and Distribution, Mokgethi Magapa, said this at a dinner dance hosted by BTC at the first night of the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair at Tati River Lodge in Francistown.

The theme of this year's northern trade fair was 'Competitiveness: Strategy for Growth' and it was held in Francistown from May 28 to May 31.

Magapa said that economic recession or depression had the same effects to varying degrees or stages for all countries, developed and underdeveloped.

He further said that Botswana now belongs to the global village and the implications are that the world has been turned into a single market in which nations or their industries compete for the same consumers or customers.

"One is therefore tempted to borrow from the above mentioned definition of 'competitiveness' to highlight that your level of competitiveness as a business is generally related to the various enablers and how well you take advantage of the operating  environment," he said.

Magapa further said that from the analogy of the global village, it is safe to infer the level of business competitiveness to that of the country and one is tempted to put forward a bold statement indicating that the level of the country's industry competitiveness is directly proportional to its ability to compete in the world economy.

"One needs to make mention of the fact that different industries are affected by the various enablers in varying degrees, there is however a general consensus that infrastructure and in

particular  around the Information Communication Technology (ICT)  is quite critical as an enabler for industry and also as a sector which can contribute to a country's economic development."

At the same prize giving dinner, Orange Botswana scooped the first prize in the business services category while Simbec Consultancy and Extra Pillar came second.

In The manufacturing category Mokgabo Decorators Interior came out first followed by ALBJ Enterprises and Impressive Home Interiors. In the government category, Surveys and Mapping walked with the first prize while Ministry of Trade and Curriculum and Evaluation followed behind.

In education, BOCODOL came out first and Francistown local college, Tabitha Training Institute and ABM University came out second and third in that order.

The Botswana Examination Council, Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board and BHC came out first, second and third respectively in the para-statal category.

Like last year, Tati River Lodge came out first in the hospitality category followed by Metcourt and Cresta Hospitality.

As for banks, Bank of Botswana, Botswana Savings Bank and First National Bank also trotted behind each other in the banking and finance category. There were 12 categories all together.

This year's fair boasted 130 exhibitors, an improvement from last year's 120 and there were more exhibitors from the neighbouring Zimbabwe also this year.



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