BHC empowers Batswana, managers insist

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TONOTA: Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) Chief Executive Officer, Reginald Motswaiso, has refuted allegations that the BHC does not empower citizen-owned contractors.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony of 26 district housing project in Tonota last Saturday, he said that accusation that the Ministry of Lands and Housing disempowered local contractors by passing jobs to non-citizens was without any foundation.

"The reality is that BHC endeavours at the opportunity to engage locally-owned contractors in the majority of its projects," he said.

The project that includes two houses at Gojwane and Serule cost approximately P9, 555,145.94

Motswaiso further said that a citizen-owned company, Bulle Enterprises, built the project.

BHC has in the past broken down a major project into smaller contracts so that Batswana companies could partake in the development, which otherwise they could not do as the majority of citizen-owned contactors are registered with the PPADB in the lower categories of the construction industry.

Motswaiso said that taking such a step resulted in the cost per house increasing by P20,000.

"This clearly demonstrates our commitment to empowering our local contractors in delivering our mandate," said Motswaiso.

The project also provided employment opportunities especially for the youth. Employment opportunities still exist for some, since these houses will have to be maintained and kept in good condition for years to come.

Such a development has one way or the other enhanced the economic well being of people of Tonota.

Ministry of Lands and Housing Deputy Director, Gaokgakala Rabalone, said that his ministry involved BHC on its

project so that they are completed on time.

He said lack of staff houses has been and still remains a problem.

He further advised those who will be occupying the houses to pay rent and warned them that sub-letting the houses for rent will not be allowed.

Giving vote of thanks, MP for Tonota South, Pono Moatlhodi, first applauded BHC for making itself visible in Tonota as they once built a house for a needy family in Semotswane.

He said proper accommodation is crucial for workers so that they can also deliver best services to the people.

He said that he believes that the houses would not be a disappointment either by collapsing, cracking or being easily carried away by winds.

Moatlhodi has a keen interest in BHC because it delivers projects in time when compared to other companies.

He also regretted the many tenders that have been awarded to Chinese companies.

He said such companies take long to complete projects, and they do not hire Batswana.

If such tenders are awarded to local companies, they would also employ locals.

"BHC, you don't behave like PPADB, it is indeed a good method that you are using to divide major projects so that Batswana businesses benefit too," said an elated Moatlhodi.

He advised BHC to make sure that though they are empowering local companies, it is crucial that quality standards are met.



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