'Defamed' duo threaten to sue radio station

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Two Showbiz personalities intend to take Yarona fm to task, following utterances allegedly made against them by the station presenters. David "DVD" Abram and Tebogo "DJ Fondo" Tshesebe claim that on September 25, Zibanani "DJ O'Neal" Madumo and Gilbert "PP" Seagile made defamatory remarks about them in their show.


 Madumo has just left Yarona fm for the government commercial radio station, RB II.In a letter to the radio station, Tshesebe and Abram's lawyers stated that the two presenters claimed that their clients were found having sex with a woman at Ozone night club, over the weekend.

"Needless to say, these utterances were said on live radio, and meant for public consumption, and of course your radio station has a wide listenership.

The said utterances are callous, baseless, false, malicious, insensitive, to say the very least; they have portrayed our clients in a negative light and have portrayed them as irresponsible persons with questionable moral character.

This uncaring and malicious act has resulted in a lot of trauma for our clients and caused a lot of social problems for them particularly in relations to their close family members and loves," the letter of demand reads.

The lawyers also mentioned that their clients are well known figures in the entertainment industry, who are also well respected by their clientele. They said the unfortunate utterances have impacted negatively on them as they are now shunned because of the "filthy" deeds, which have thus affected their social status.

"You are advised that your radio station is vicariously liable for such utterances as they were said during their work at the radio station," the lawyers stated.The lawyers said their clients are demanding P500,000 each for general damages

and the emotional stress they have gone through. They have threatened that if the money were not paid within two weeks, they would be instituting legal action.

Speaking in an interview, Abram said he was devastated by the radio presenters' utterances. He said since the report came out, even his relatives are advising him to quit the industry. He said a lot of people have been sending him e-mails over the matter. Abram said the allegations that were made against them were false, adding that they are also malicious.

He said when he confronted the two presenters, they told him that they were pulling a stunt.

Abram said he is not going to rest unless his name has been cleared.

But Yarona fm station manager, Dumi Lopang, denied that his presenters defamed the duo. He said the allegation concerning Abram was made by a "field reporter" who phoned in on Seagile's programme. He said this person does not work for the radio station. Lopang said DJ O'Neal was not involved in the programme. In fact he said DJ O'Neal has nothing to do with the issue.

Lopang said when they called Abram the following day about the allegations, he declined to comment. He said Abram only threatened to take the matter to court.Lopang said Abram's colleague, Tshesebe was not mentioned during the programme in regard to this matter.



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