Blatter was more like a black person dressed in a white colour

When Joseph Sepp Blatter was in charge of FIFA, very few people dared not to challenge him for presidency. But now that he is stepping down, we have as many as seven people all vying for the FIFA presidency come February 2016.

The majority of these men I must say were either cowards or they only saw Blatter as a colossus than one they could not challenge. The majority I must think had strong confidence and conviction in his leadership.

For the less developed countries, Blatter was more like a black person dressed in a white colour. The Europeans, led by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA), could only murmur or whisper. England, who were bitter at not getting the rights to host the 2022 World Cup, cried the loudest but little did they know they were being stabbed in the back by the very federation they  thought supports them. Now Blatter has come out in the open to say Michel Platini sold out both the United States and England.  Blatter says the 22 person executive committee had made an understanding that 2022 World Cup will be staged in America but the likes of Platini and four others somersaulted to vote for Qatar much to the chagrin of the USA. According to Blatter, very few people wanted England to host the event hence the English could not even go beyond the first round.

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Happy Independence!

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