SADC has let down Zimbabweans-Analyst

Busy, busy: Zimbabweansmake up the majority of customers for street vendors in Ramokgwebana
Busy, busy: Zimbabweansmake up the majority of customers for street vendors in Ramokgwebana

FRANCISTOWN: Political and social commentator, Ndulamo Morima believes that SADC has let down the people of Zimbabwe.

Morima made the remarks in an interview with Mmegi yesterday.

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), one of the country’s leading opposition parties has also conquered with Morima’s opinion.

Both Morima and the UDC have averred that the same weight of blame that has been afforded to SADC with reference to the deteriorating political situation in Zimbabwe should also be attributed to the African Union.

He also believes that the regional bloc, SADC is partly liable for what is currently happening in Zimbabwe.

Early this week the Zimbabwean army took over control of the government in a bid to ‘purge’ those who are believed to be ill advisers of President Robert Mugabe.

The army also labelled its actions a bloodless transition of government. The recent developments have thrown the country into further political turmoil and uncertainty. 

Mugabe is currently under house arrest at his private home in the capital Harare amid reports that he would soon give power to his former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, sacked Mnangagwa from his vice presidential position last week.

The 93-year-old Mugabe has often been accused of ruling Zimbabwe with an iron fist.

For sometime SADC has been labelled a toothless dog because of the organisation’s failure to resolve the political turmoil in the neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The African Union is one body that has also been branded a toothless dog owing to its failure to deal with the political and economic instability that has gripped Zimbabwe for years.

“The regional body has often not been pragmatic when dealing with the political and economic instability in Zimbabwe. Only the West has been more vocal against Mugabe’s regime. The organisation (SADC) has let down the people of Zimbabwe,” Morima said.

Morima added that SADC has often times failed to reprimand Mugabe during regional and international meetings when he unjustifiable attacked his critics particularly the West.

Lack of clear and definite action by SADC has allowed Mugabe to do as he pleases according to Morima.

“Western countries have even imposed sanctions on Mugabe in a bid to force him to change tact. On the other hand SADC has never done anything tangible to put pressure on Mugabe to change tact. The region is to blame for what is happening now. It was bound to happen.”  

Based on the past dynamics, Morima does not believe that SADC will take pragmatic action on political issues involving Zimbabwe.

In addition, Morima believes that the yesterday SADC Troika meeting was just a move to save face by the regional bloc.

He added, “I believe the emergency Troika meeting is just a move to save face. They (SADC) leaders just want to be seen to be doing something”.

The Troika meeting to address matters in Zimbabwe was held yesterday in Gaborone.

Yesterday UDC spokesperson, Moeti Mohwasa slightly agreed with Morima.

“The intervention of the army in the governance of Zimbabwe is not what we want to see but it was inevitable (that it would happen). SADC should Zpartly take responsibility for what is unfolding in Zimbabwe.

“The regional bloc was not very proactive when dealing with the problems in Zimbabwe. It is too late for them to intervene. Things have reached a boiling point,” Mohwasa said, adding that they have often warned SADC that the political turmoil in Zimbabwe will spiral out control.

Mohwasa, who is also the Botswana National Front (BNF) secretary general, added, “As the BNF at some point we reported the government for unfair treatment by the state media to SADC but our grievances were not effectively dealt with. We are not surprised that they have often taken matters in Zimbabwe very lightly”. 


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