Mercy Thebe: “I’m A LIFE-Style”


Youthful Limkokwing regional director of corporate & Media Relations Mercy Thebe handles herself like a primetime tv celeb; she oozes confidence, passion and style and is the darling of many followers on social media; The Monitor gets the Lowdown on this vibrant personality


I am inspired by success and driven by passion for what I do. I see myself as a pusher, a dreamer, a force, a vibrantly driven and focused, hardworking young Motswana woman, who without a doubt, will be modest to say she is a LIFESTYLE. I also believe that dressing well is a form of manners, and a woman should dress the way she wants to be addressed.


On Oozing Confidence And Style

I am very confident in my own skin. I owe the level of my confidence to my mother, whom from a very young age, told me I that I was a beautiful goddess, a princess, that I  was born to lead not, follow and I could be anything I wanted to be in the world. That instilled this confidence I ooze from a very young age, and it has never been shaken. I followed suit with my kids, and believe me it’s a winning formula. Today as  a young woman, I walk with this level of confidence because I know for sure that I can backitup (giggles).


 The Cost of the Mercy Thebe Looks

To look good one has  to invest in his/her body and take care for themselves, because remember, you only have one body so do your best to treasure it. I keep fit by following a healthy routine of exercise and a good diet. I hate working out at the gym, and prefer walking. 

I also have a team of beauty and lifestyle experts who work tirelessly and contribute a lot to bringing Brand: Mercy Thebe to life and keep it relevant with the latest trends, and these include Tlhomamo Diamond; Make Up Artist, Delayna Scott; Stylist & Designer, Annie Archer; Nail & Beauty Therapist, and my hair stylists Moitshepi Adumeleng & Segolame. I can’t really quantify how much I spend on looks, but it’s a small fortune.


Behind The Supermodel Looks

Funny enough, I was a professional model during my varsity years in Malaysia (check out my throwback pictures on my instagram account @IamMercyThebe). I used to model as a main talent for broadcast and print advertisement campaigns for companies such as Coca Cola, Stein Lager, Be-Elements Clothing, Malaysia Airlines and Zouk Club. I never wanted to be a movie star, but wanted to be either a movie producer of director (as that’s where the kaching is), hence I studied Film & Television as a major.


 Beauty Routine

A healthy and balanced lifestyle. Following an effective beauty routine, eating healthy food, as we are what we eat, and just maintaining a happy and positive lifestyle.


The Trend Setter

With 5,000 Friends, 7,800 Followers, 1,043 pending friend requests on Facebook only, 3,625 followers on Twitter and 790 followers on Instagram and still counting daily… Mercy Thebe is truly a trendsetter, but what keeps people interested in her  social media activities?  “I guess its how I maintain and manage my social media accounts. I am very active on all my accounts, and I like keeping my followers engaged in meaningful ways. I post fun, engaging, and inspiring posts though I am not the type to expose my personal relationship on social media, as I believe that part should be kept private. I also believe that my followers appreciate and always look forward to decent, elegant and classy pictures that I post from time to time”.


Business & Pleasure

I love travelling to different places with the aim of learning and appreciating new cultures,  attending international music concerts, (Usher’s OMG & Rihanna’s Diamond tour concerts still stand as the best concerts I have ever attended), also love hosting events at my house, and just having simple fun and partying with my friends.


Five Things You Never Knew About Mercy Thebe

1. I can rap. I would win a battle with Nicki Minaj hands down (laughs)

2. I hate driving, when I get rich I will have my own chauffer

3. I have a phobia for snakes, and I am allergic to nuts and watermelon.

4. I was blind for a month due to an eye operation gone wrong during my teens.

5. I have glitter in my veins, because as a baby I was dropped in a box full of glitter and I have been shining ever since… (naughty laugh).


Rocking at the 2013 Beach party

(Laughs) Wow! That picture was gorgeous.. I brought Miami to LionsPark… I always observe dress codes and put a lot of effort into my outfits. The MTN Bushfire Festival in Swaziland, The Yarona FM Music Awards, London Fashion Week, Bak2Lala and the Annual Beach Party are some of the events I always look forward to because of their professional execution.


When it comes to powerful looks, who is your role model?

I believe that a person should first be beautiful inside and have a good heart. Looks without a great personality amount to nothing for me, and I believe people who are just beautiful on the outside are so boring. I look up to my mother Grace Thebe, Kimora Lee Simmons, Basetsana Khumalo, Oprah Winfrey and Linah Mhlohlo. They are powerful women who live purposeful driven lives.  You are not just another beautiful woman, You are the Limkokwing University’s Regional Director for Corporate & Media Relations, how many countries do you oversee? I oversee all  Limkokwing University campuses in Africa, being Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, and very soon Sierra Leone.


What do you do as the regional Director?

I am a proud custodian of an international brand called Limkokwing University, in Africa. As a communications director, my job entails the art of creating positive relations between my organization and its potential clients, stakeholders, general public and the media, by taking and portraying the true Limkokwing brand to the doorsteps of all relevant publics.


What  is your typical weekend like?

Sometimes I work on weekends as the Managing Director of my events and branding company BossLady Entertainment, and this would involve traveling, but if I am not, I spend my Saturday mornings at the beauty spa doing facials, mani-pedis and massages. I also make time to entertain the kids by taking them out to restaurants, parties, movies and also attend to house hold chores. I also make time to go out and have fun with my friends.

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