Welcome to the new look The Monitor

Dear Reader, Compliments of the New Year! You may have noticed that your favourite paper, The Monitor, today looks slightly different from what you are used to. Yes, today we are happy to launch the new look redesigned The Monitor! It is not only the look and feel of the paper that have been spruced up, but also its content and architecture.

This is a culmination of nine months of work by a dedicated team which comprised journalists, designers and marketers. The repositioning and redesign of The Monitor could not have come at a more appropriate time.

The newspaper became of age last year when it turned 21 years old! It was first launched in February 2000 earning it the nick name “The Millennium Newspaper”. Twenty-two years later the media landscape, especially print, has changed significantly bringing about new rules of engagement in the marketplace.

The purpose of the redesign project is to align The Monitor to modern trends of newspapering. The advent of digitisation over the last 15 years or so has changed the media industry as we used to know it. Print media has to adapt or die. Make no mistake, we still believe in the power of print! However, we are alive to the fact that the future of print media is in digitisation so that even as newspapers continue to compete with social media and other digital platforms, print media must collaborate with them and harness their power if it is to continue being relevant.

That is where we are as a newspaper. The launch of the new look The Monitor comes at a time when our company, Dikgang Publishing, has just relaunched its new website which is rich in content and user friendly. We invite you to visit the website at mmegionline.bw to enjoy the aesthetics but more importantly the premium content that it offers our readers. Over the past 12 months we also introduced new digital products like the e-paper on PressReader as well as the bwnews App making our products easily accessible to readers. Inspite of all the changes that are taking place in the media industry that we reference above, there is only one constant.

And that constant is “The supremacy of content”. Indeed, content is king and it is at the front and centre of what we do. It is because of that realisation that as we reposition The Monitor, we specifically focused on how we can provide premium content at an affordable price to our readers. We wish to recommit ourselves to giving you value for money as we provide you with a mix of premium content going forward.

The new The Monitor will continue to be a general news and information weekly periodical but will place more emphasis on issues of lifestyle, sports and entertainment. As the first newspaper that comes out immediately after the weekend, on Monday, it will capture the country’s weekend mood, the sights and sounds of Botswana, both in print and online, but also prepare you for the week ahead. We would like to encourage our readers to engage us both in print but also on our digital platforms as such feedback will assist us tailor the content according to your needs because when all has been said and done you, the reader, is the king, and queen. Have fun. The Editor

Editor's Comment
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