No one should be spared in COVID-19 fight

It’s the second week since the booze gates were opened following a two-month alcohol sales ban. The alcohol ban was lifted due to the declining COVID-19 cases in the country.

However, there are already reported incidents of some outlets flouting COVID-19 regulations issued by government. Government and the public have condemned such actions and further reiterated the fact that entertainment events, which have been deemed as having ‘higher-risk’ of spreading COVID-19, are not allowed.

The police have reportedly charged violators a paltry P5,000 each. But these are big businesses that make millions of pula when operational, and the P5,000 charge is nothing compared to the risk posed by their actions.

While we are all at pains at the disruptions brought on our lives by the COVID-19 pandemic, we should be cautious of our actions, as they could be detrimental.

There might be only a few who were caught on the wrong side, but there is no denying that there were many outlets that also did not adhere to the rules and fortunately for them, they were not caught.

It is hard to believe that there are some people who choose to compromise other people’s livelihoods, health and safety over profit. This is so wrong, and should not be condoned in any form by the society.

This is a criminal behaviour and those found liable should be considered criminals because it threatens the health and safety of majority of the people.

The nation is eager to beat the pandemic and emerge from this dark period. However, this depends squarely on how we conduct ourselves. Being reckless won’t help us because very soon we will be back to square one and locked down once more. At this time, who doesn’t understand that COVID-19 is a health crisis?

Health protection regulations have been put in place to help reduce the rate of transmission of the virus. We have a shared responsibility to adhere to the regulations in order to keep ourselves and others safe.

Whilst the police have promised tougher enforcement of COVID-19 regulations following violation by some liquor outlets last weekend, they should set examples.

No one should be spared because of their position in the society. Businesses and venues that breach the regulations should be fined and their licences suspended as well. They should be shamed too!

Today's thought

“Losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become a crisis”

– C.J. Redwine

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