Yesterday Is Gone, Change Tomorrow Today

Yesterday is gone and it will never come back. All of its events are past . Time has ticked and a new dawn has broken. Rivers current flows to one direction. What was, is and will never come back. It has occurred and will there is nothing that can be done to rectify it.

Events of yesterday has tailored life today; a day to reflect, take a deep breath  and strive to change tomorrow. The bridge between yesterday and tomorrow is acceptance. Accepting what transpired latterly is very key in earning the ability to move on and face other future challenges. Pain is the one thing that can chain us to yesterday.

I know being heart broken is the darkest pit we could experience. It is excruciating and it demise us. Pain is loud and intimidating with an intention to bury us in depression. Depression is re- living in yesterday beyond time. Living in the pain of the losing a loved through death and/ or divorce, work expulsion, betrayals, back- stabbing and other pain inflicting factors.

Joseph’s brothers threw him in a pit and ultimately sold him to the Ephraims. Joseph had never looked back when he served in an alien land. He was accused of rape by the chief’s wife and was falsely arrested because he declined the chief’s deduction intentions. He never looked back during his turner in prison and continued to believe in the dream that initiated pain in his life; Joseph had a dream to be a king and that made his brothers jealous.

His eyes were glued to the vision and what enabled him to achieve it was his staunchness in faith that saw him interpreting the Chief’s dream and being appointed a second- in- command Emperor of a foreign land. Joseph endured all the pain because he knew that every event leads to his destiny. Regardless of how parallel the event may be to his course, his faith was strong to align to them. It was therefore easy for him to find contentment in every tragedy he lived.

He was never miserable but rather grateful for each test he underwent. It is when we give into the how life is shaped by yesterday and see how we could possibly change the fate of tomorrow. Every excruciating moment is an eye peeler- it earn us adequate knowledge to sustain greater things that tomorrow holds for us.

One young man got married to the love of his life. His wife’s love for him was not sufficient to sustain the marriage. The young man, Keith, tried all he could to save his covenant with Kate, his wife. The marriage was then deemed irretrievably broken and they divorced. Keith was devastated but he remembered the death of his parents. He recalled the pain he endure during those sad times and admitted that he will never see his beloved parents again, furthermore, he looked at his divorce as the death experience. The romance between him and Kate is dead thus they will never be involved intimately.

Keith accepted that fact through that perception and was able to overcome the pain and seek for love again. He met Julia and they got married and lived a beautiful life together.

We ought to let go and face new directions, horizons and scopes. The time we spend concentrating on what cannot be changed, denies us the chance to identify new opportunities and possibilities that could beautify our lives. It is okay to fail, it is very normal. But failing does not mean that one should not try again.

Lot’s Wife turned into a pillar of salt simply because she did not let go of her native home; Haran. She wasn’t suppose to look back but rather walk focusing to the instructed direction. We miss blessings because we are focused to wrong destinations.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (Download e-copy on KINDLE AMAZON), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] or call for bookings or What’s App +26772522213. Facebook page: Coloring Souls with Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. LinkedIn: Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. Instagram: #ColoringSouls. Website:

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