The Loss And Gain Concept - The Pair That Govern Life Yields

What is it that I have lost without gaining anything nor what I gained without losing something? Nothing.

I have got to appreciate that life is mathematics. There is addition, subtraction, division as well as multiplication. But the biggest equation is between the addition and subtraction and it yields multiplied results. Our individual spiritual worlds are governed by grace so is what they can handle at certain moments as we live. Since the space is small, something has to move out in order to accommodate the new and someday the new will be old thus phase out- it is a continuous cycle.

No one can live comfortably in an over- crowded environment. It is totally unbearable and suffocates the life changing thoughts we could possibly yield and implement with an objective to impact lives colourfully. Grace is the main conductor and overseer of all that is ought to be stored in our individual spiritual worlds and it releases those that have matured and usher the just launched. It ensures that there is order and soundness in our worlds for optimised, efficient and effective performance towards what is placed in our worlds in order to realise our goals or dreams in the physical. But sometimes we fight against its instructions to let go of the old and resist the change it brings afore us. We forget that we are not the touch- bearers but rather grace is. It is responsible for creating a climate conducive for the seed we plant to germinate stronger and healthier.

For every endeavour, deed, expectation or work that is carried out, there is a sacrifice that projects and validates the significance the voyage chosen. In the sacrifices we make, there is a loud yearn to lose our selflessness for the sake of the prosperity of the purpose or commission we are undertaking. Sacrifices lure the desired outcome to be for they are the evidence of the faith we carry towards our differing courses. It demands courage to undergo an event or act of sacrifice because one have to detach from that they love.  What we gain in the process is always more than what we lost. For instance, if we get an opportunity to exercise with your spouse, you will lose the time exercising while gaining a stronger bond with them. We gain pain while exercising but lose weight. For a fire to be and assist in serving a delicious treat, we have to lose more wood, gas or electricity to have it well cooked.

When someone is getting married, they will lose the freedom to date whoever they possibly can but rather gains a reliable spouse, moreover dignity and integrity from our community. We cannot achieve anything without losing nor can we lose without gaining. One day, God appeared before Abraham and instructed him to detach himself from a place he lived in with his entire family. The village where his younger brother and father were buried at. His in- laws also lived in the same place but regardless of all those binding factors he had to make a sacrifice of leaving his identity behind. He submitted to the commission of God and by so doing, he was awarded a status of being the “Father of all nations”. For losing his place of inheritance but he gained a greater territory and reputation, and whenever we bow and pray to God, we reference Abraham’s  name because we are his seeds.

There is no promotion without any loss. Losses compensate for what we desire to acquire thus what we pay with them to close the transaction of realising our ambitions in reality. If the other elements does not move, the others would not be received. There are always two sides to every story or situation therefore a loss is always paired to a gain.

*Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (Download e-copy on KINDLE AMAZON), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] for bookings. Facebook page: Coloring Souls with Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. LinkedIn: Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. Instagram: #ColoringSouls.

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