Self- Love- The Secret Weapon To Topple COVID-19

It is such a gloomy period for the entire world. A very painful era indeed. The coming of CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19) in our lives has left us devastated, fear- bound and uncertain about the world’s future.

We are all on panic- mode and it worsens the situation than it already appears. This article is written to help us identify ourselves individually on the predicament we are currently facing and gather emotional intelligence to enable us make corrective measure to face and defeat COVID-19. The key for the game plan is in our minds.

We are the main carriers yet sole destroyers of the pandemic. FACT! It entirely depends on our behaviour therefore we ought to each introspect our thought position regarding the pandemic and align to the WHO strategy to conquer it. This helps us to understand the nature and precautions for the pandemic. Before washing your hands, you need to be mindful that it is your responsibility to look after yourself, people around you. 



Every victim of the whirlpool pandemic did not choose to have it. They were Christians, Muslims and other religions. They have or had ancestors like we, Africans, claim to have. They have or had dreams just like anybody else. They live in a globally open community with us. This simply means we are not more than human than them, that is, we are immune to contracting COVID-19. We are all vulnerable to acquiring it.Where are you driving your life to? It is also imperative to understand yourself and the vision you were carrying before the pandemic breakout. If you have self- understanding you will know your value and worth. This will emit positivity and seriousness to protect the interests thereof. 

The interests are on our own well-being and that of the community; your future prospect across life spectrum; socially or professionally. The pandemic has earned each member of the global community a purpose we are obliged to pursue all in one accord. Purpose is a gift we ought to give to the world so that it could be a better place. It should be better without COVID-19.



COVID 19 is here and causing a lot of pain. We have to come to terms with this fact. Moreover, accept that the impact it bears is very uncommon to human race. When we accept situations, peace is always the end product. Once we have made peace with this challenges, we will all be in a position to exercise self- awareness which will keep us be alert and cautious amidst the pandemic. When you have peace, you are able to think rationally. Peace is an enabler for acts of humanity. Humanity involves being sympathetic towards others by adhering to recommended behaviour patterns.



We need to place ourselves above anything else because life is very precious to each one of us. There is a lot we want to live for and COVID 19 cannot steal that away from us. We first have to love ourselves and that will be done by maintaining a hygienic environment. This calls for washing our hands with either soap or hand sanitizer, covering your mouth when you cough. A person who really loves themselves will abide by all these corrective measures.

Secondly, prioritise your loved ones. Will you enjoy to see your family members, friends and community suffering from COVID 19? I assume NO! I would not either. You are the only person who has the power to break the COVID 19 chain.

With everyone trying to live the prescribed hygiene lifestyle, we are very much aware that COVID 19 has presented business opportunities like sale of face masks, sanitisers  just to mention a few, for entities operating within our communities but it is also a season for businesses to prioritise and show compassion and not aim just for profits. 

This would mean not unreasonably hiking prices for essentials during the pandemic. They should be sponsoring disadvantaged communities with essentials to the help combat the pandemic.

One person has the power to change the situation and shed light on the world again and it is YOU!

*Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (Download e-copy on KINDLE AMAZON), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] or call +26773791677 for bookings. Facebook page: Coloring Souls with Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. LinkedIn: Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. Instagram: #ColoringSouls. Website:


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