Grace Opens Mysterious Gates Of Greatness

Grace is a spiritual charm that makes the world move around or rather a gravitational force of the spirit.

We all have access to it since it is the enabler of the life we aspire to have. It maintains our faith posture and propel our courage to make decisions in our lives.

Even though we have access to it, it is not everyone who gets the utmost of it.

We are most of the time rigid to flex and adopt to any posture that  grace has put before us because it never seem to make sense to us why we are ought to carry out such unconventional acts.

We tie our hands at the back and only wander around the door that will take us into another level of greatness in our lives. We sit and not act because we limit ourselves with references we make to our lacks or poor backgrounds. When you have bought wrapped candy, you will never experience its sweetness until you unwrap it and eat it. So is grace. Grace is activated the moment you make a decision to quest after your dreams. The moment you wear your courage and act on what you is deposited in your mind, grace is aroused and enticed to actively serve its purpose. Grace will move ahead of you and open up the doors that will positions you in places of favor. Miracles occur only where grace is activated because it is the catalyst and fertilizer of our seedbed. It germinates opportunities of growth.

Sometimes it places challenges before us during our quest towards greatness with an aim to strengthen our hope and courage.

If you were a string, grace is what pulls you back and release you at an ideal stretch of elasticity then lands you in admired seats of prosperity.

It takes faith to see the work of grace in our lives therefore, there is no grace without faith. They are both elements of the spirit.

Faith provides you the vision you have and grace creates a conducive environment for the vision to manifest. Stubborn faith keeps grace alive to render us the desires of our hearts.  Whatever you have birthed in your mind, is what is apportioned to you. You are the right candidate for it and no one else. The only thing that could keep grace from working in your life is sitting idle on your commission. Fear grows the distance between you and grace far apart hence a poverty lifestyle is adopted.

Colonel Sanders took a leap of faith to start frying chicken and selling it to his customers at his motel. Grace took over and brought forth the concept of franchising which he never had the day he started.

It is grace that had his brand spreading all over the world. Mark Zuckerberg jumped into grace the moment he quitted school and focused on building Facebook, grace has given him 360 million active user including you and I.

Jack Ma soared into grace when he started Amazon when internet was very uncommon, now his business is the leading online shop and used by people across the world to buy or sell their products;

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All successful people did not know how the future would unfold nor the founders of Dikgang Publishing concerning their publications but grace knows all the mysteries of life. Grace gave them hope and their faith kept their focus on point. We need grace to boom and build great legacies.

We should not allow irrational thought to dominate our lifestyles for they instill fear in us not to be obedient to Grace’s commands. The future awaits beautiful things for those that respond uprightly with grace.

*Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of  50 SHOTS OF COLOR (Download e-copy on KINDLE AMAZON), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] for bookings. Facebook page: Coloring Souls with Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. LinkedIn: Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. Instagram: #ColoringSouls. Website:

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