BHC raises P43m from sitting tenants campaign

Empowerment: About 144 Batswana have bought houses under the BHC campaign
Empowerment: About 144 Batswana have bought houses under the BHC campaign

The Botswana Housing Corporation’s (BHC) sitting tenants’ campaign, which was launched last year, has generated about P43million as at March 31, 2015.

After a year of the campaign, about 144 Batswana managed to buy houses, which helped BHC to attain a 29 percent increase in sales of the old stock as compared to the year 2013/2014.

The campaign, which was intended to run for a year only but has since been extended to March 2016, was established to promote home ownership among Batswana and increase sales from the old stock.  The objectives of the campaign were to extend the corporation’s mandate, increase brand awareness and help BHC unlock their capital.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign extension on Tuesday, BHC deputy CEO, Nkaelang Matenge said the extension was a result of the realisation that after a year of awareness creation and considerable purchases, customers needed more time to consider and buy their rented BHC houses.

“The extension will be under a new theme ‘Realise Your Gold’ which stems from the many inherent benefits and opportunities of home ownership such as release of equity and debt consolidation,” he said.

The key message will be related to the economic advancements one can make, and benefits one derives from being a homeowner.

Matenge added that one of the reasons for the extension was that sales were observed to be steadily increasing quarterly an indication that tenants do and continue to realise the need to ‘mine their gold’. 

He added that after evaluating the campaign’s performance for the previous year, which proved to be encouraging in terms of results, the corporation then resolved to continue the campaign under the same value proposition and terms and conditions. On the value proposition, low cost houses are given a 5.5 percent discount, while medium cost gets 3.5 percent discount and the high cost gets two percent discount.

“We have periodical raffle draws for this campaign as well, where our customers tend to win between P5, 000.00 and P10, 000.00 quarterly prices and the P40, 000.00 grand price, which will be won at the end of the campaign,” he said.

Banks were also applauded for being key to the success of the campaign as they offered customers one stop service centres during neighborhood activations.

Elaborating on the importance of home ownership, Matenge said having a home is an investment that many families make to lay the groundwork for a more prosperous future. “The central issue is that becoming a home owner increases one’s sense of freedom and security in the home, one’s sense of control over one’s life and self-esteem,” he said.

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