A beautiful life awaits

I'm not sure if there is an official definition of a magical time of the day, but if I were to nominate a moment it would be 5pm on a Friday. The end of a normal work or academic week.

It is this mystic moment that transforms the inner workings of the human body. From one of survival in the global jungle to one in pursuit of a more hedonistic nature. Earth's tilt axis is 23.5 degrees and it is this lean of our blue and green wandering star that allows different seasons. Scientists have claimed to measure the quickest unit of time.

A zeptosecond is a trillionth of a billionth of a second. I disagree. The fastest unit of time is the completion of a North American summer. Even though I have not published, though possessing ironclad data, I have acted on this fact by enjoying every single fleeting moment of those sunshine filled moments. As the car navigated the twisty on-ramp to merge onto the highway 400, a collective groan erupted. As far as the eye could see, human filled metal propelled boxes. Only now there was very little forward propulsion. North Americans possess a keen intellect and not one of them were prepared to miss a zeptosecond of summer tide. We all knew this was coming but you know how teenagers are. Drama always. As the disappointment faded into the pulsating opening notes of Human League's Don't You Want Me, good cheer prevailed.

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A woman’s right to choose: Or is it?

Here in Botswana, we have many single-parent households, mostly female-led, so what does that suggest? That some fathers choose to ditch the responsibility of caring for their children and leave them to the ones who carry them during pregnancy to do the heavy lifting.Of course, in other dynamics, there are instances where the father wants to keep the baby and the would-be mother does not want to, hence the saying ‘whose body is it anyway’.In...

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