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Inside Chellz's Kitchen
Inside Chellz's Kitchen

I hope le jele Boipuso jo bo monate, and took advantage of the time to rest and reboot, even though we couldn’t do the conventional things that we are accustomed to.

We are closing in on the end of the year and this is the time we often reflect, take stock of how we have spent the year leading up to now and gear up for a final push. The last effort to make the year all that it was meant to be and more. This rings true for children as well. It’s third term and it is the last chance to pick up the grades that will usher them in to the next year, be it a standard up, crèche to primary or primary to secondary. It is our duty as parents and guardians to make sure that we support the children in order for them to reach their potential. This comes in different forms; help with homework, emotional care and providing a balanced diet.

It is commonly known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some believe that the saying was created in early years as part of a marketing campaign for cereal and us Pure propaganda. Whatever the case may have been, nutritionists have since put it on record that indeed breakfast is an important meal. It makes a world of sense as this is where one gets the necessary energy which will fuel them through the day. Often we offer the boys a variety of breakfasts, with weekday breakfasts being lighter so as to get them out to school in time, overnight oats, toast or a smooth Nutriday for a strong day, compared to what we would make on the weekends which would be more elaborate. Oats, Assorted Cereals and Tsa Botlhe porridge are some of our preferences which are luckily their favourites too. It doesn’t have to be a fight come time to eat.

Pancakes, sausages, omelettes, ciabatta and baked beans are some of what we have on a typical weekend. It is always nice to bake up something to add to brunch or snack on with a tall glass of Delta Fresh milk. We all happen to have a sweet tooth which we do our utmost best to keep under control, but confectionary goodies can be a bit of work in the kitchen, so the question is; what is quick to make and doesn’t need many ingredients? 2 ingredient doughnuts are my go to quick treats, enjoyed by everyone from my boys, to their baby cousin Pula and the adults in my family. These come together using just a few pantry ingredients and in addition to that, they are ready in no time at all.

I must admit my favourite thing about 2 ingredient doughnuts is decorating them. They can be basic and on the other hand they can be super fancy. I have found that decorating doughnuts us quite therapeutic, I am no fine artist, however the mixing of colours and mixing and matching tones is a very soothing process. How they are served varies and they can easily be a more elaborate dessert depending on your mood and that; time in the kitchen to energy ratio. Let us remember that we all need a balanced diet in order to perform at optimal levels on a day to day basis, the children need to eat well for them to perform well. Once in a while a treat is welcomed and satisfying your sweet tooth in moderation does no harm. Try out our 2i Doughnuts and give us feedback on the Chellzkitchen Facebook page.


1 cup Cake Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

1tbls Castor Sugar

3/4 cup Nutriday Plain Yoghurt Oil for frying


Mix the cake flour, baking powder and castor sugar then add the Nutriday Plain Yoghurt. It should be a slightly stiff but soft ball of dough. Ensure it is not sticky to the touch. Scoop it into a piping bag, or a large ziplock bag, and cut off a little corner. Heat your oil on the stove in a large pan, or pot. Squeeze small amounts of the donut mixture from your bag into the very hot oil. (I used a pair of scissors to cut pieces off as they are squeezed out of my bag) Fry until they are a beautiful golden brown colour and place them on a piece of kitchen paper to absorb any extra oil. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, or dip in melted chocolate, I have found that icing sugar with food colouring is the best for decorating, again its easy on the pocket and you can get super creative with mixing colours and designing!

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