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Inside Chellz Kitchen-Smoothie
Inside Chellz Kitchen-Smoothie

It seems like it's getting hotter and hotter with everyday that goes by. Temperatures are scorching and there is very little to do about it as one has to go on with day to day activities.

It is very important we keep safe and protected in these high temperatures. Summer days are longer, the dangers of working outside during hot weather also increases. Knowing how to work safely in hot weather can help prevent heat stress injuries and heat stroke. Here are some simple Hot Weather Safety Tips: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty fluids throughout the day. Water being the most highly recommended Avoid dehydrating liquids. These may taste nice and can sometimes feel like they really hit the spot and quench your thirst. Alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeinated soft drinks can do more damage than good. They must be taken in moderation. Wear protective clothing. Light-coloured and loose-fitting clothing helps protect against heat. Change clothing if it gets completely saturated.

Pace yourself. Slow down and work at an even pace. Know your own limits and ability to work safely in heat. Schedule frequent breaks. Take time for rest periods and water breaks in a shaded or air conditioned area. Use a damp rag. Wipe your face or put it around your neck. Avoid getting sunburn. Use sunscreen and wear a hat if working outside. Avoid direct sun. Find shade or block out the sun if possible. Eat smaller meals. Eat plenty fruits and natural juice. Avoid high protein foods. Everyone can be affected by hot weather and it is important that you take care. Babies and young children should be watched carefully during hot weather. They can quickly lose body fluids through sweating, which can ultimately lead to dehydration. They need to drink regularly, wear light clothing and be kept cool.

Never leave babies or young children in cars. The temperature inside parked cars can double within minutes. We have a couple simple heat busting drinks for adults and kids, popsicles, slushies and ice creams which we have made recently and are defiantly turning into favourites. For the coffee lovers we have iced coffee, because we enjoy more than one glass a day. We have opted to use decaf coffee to reduce dehydration and lack of sleep. The kids have been Nutriday pocicals by putting an incision in the top of the yoghurt lid, inserting a wooden popsicle stick or teaspoon in the yoghurt and freezing for 6hrs or overnight. This is a great way to serve yoghurt.

Nutriday yoghurt gives kids a Strong Mind, Strong Eyes, Strong Bones, Strong Energies, Strong Heart. They are Strong Everyday with Nutriday. Alternatively, blitz some frozen fruit with yoghurt and freeze for six hours and you have a smooth creamy ice cream easily enjoyed by the kids and adults. We love the ice tea too much not to share. Follow our Facebook page Chellzkitchen for more exciting recipes and feel free to share some of your heat fighter drinks with us!


2 tsp Decaf Nescafe Coffee

3 tsp Brown Sugar

50mls Hot Water

250ml Cold Delta Fresh Milk

1/2 cup Ice Cubes or Coffee Ice Cubes


Add Coffee and Sugar to the hot water and stir well until dissolved Allow coffee to cool Pour the coffee over half a glass of ice (use ice made from frozen coffee, to prevent your drink being too diluted!) Top up with Delta Fresh milk & stir for a moment and enjoy with a straw

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