It's trifle season


When go chaa di 1 tsaga December, it’s officially Festive Season. Go Dizemba Boss! I am very certain that it's not just me, but many others as well who are for sure finalising their Christmas Lunch menu.

In our region this time of the year, this season is synonymous with certain activities, and without a doubt there are specific foods and drinks which make it on to every family dining table. This would include Gemere, Scones, and a ‘serious’ 7 Colours e e busy tota and Dessert (di sweets tsa ko manyalong).

Dessert plays a huge role in all meals during this time of the year. Trifle, adoringly called dizete by some is basically a layered ensemble with ingredients that require no baking at all, the Star ingredient being Ultra Mel Yoghurt. There are many variations to a trifle while some ingredients are standard or constant.

My husband says his mom (my mom in law Tsoba) used to make Trifle religiously, holiday season or not and he quite enjoyed it. So he’s had his fill of trifle or rather prefers it very simple nowadays. By simple I mean Ke gore go sena jelly, mixed fruits etc, gongwe e le just custard and crushed biscuits only.

This has given me the opportunity to explore variations of trifle and to use him as a test subject and I have been successful most of the time. Our boys now 10 years and five years old, they absolutely love it. They really love any dessert to be honest.

To me my perspective on Trifle; a layered culmination of different tastes that come together into one beautifully presented dessert dish and this is juxtaposed to how our Families are layered differences of characters bound together by love and a harmonious structure...most It’s time for family get togethers, amazing food and memorable desserts.

If you are looking for the best easy Trifle recipe? Here it is! This classic Trifle is the ultimate no bake dessert! No bake desserts are super time savers and they taste equally scrumptious. It is made from simple ingredients and it can also be made up to a day ahead – allowing it to perfect for your next celebration. This Trifle is made using store bought Swiss Roll, Ultra Mel Custard, Canned Fruit and Cream or Yoghurt, however you can also customise it to suit your taste and preferences. During the year I’m likely to substitute these ingredients....especially the fruit element by taking advantage of fruits which are in season. This easy Trifle recipe, it’s practically no fail. Subscribe to Mascom MySurf for unlimited viewing of our Cooking Show. We will be making a trifle soon as it is Custard Season!

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January 28, 2021 by Lauren Matheson 51 Comments

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Looking for the best easy Trifle recipe? Well you’ve found it! This classic Trifle is the ultimate no bake dessert! It is made using EIGHT simple ingredients and it can also be made up to two days ahead – making it perfect for your next celebration. This Trifle is made using Jam Roll, Custard, Fruit and Cream, however you can also customise it to suit your taste and preferences.

For a classic dessert, you really can’t go past this easy Trifle recipe. It’s practically no fail as it’s made using a few store bought ingredients and the result is a delicious and flavour packed dessert. To be honest, I don’t think you really need a recipe to make a Trifle, as long as you’ve got a few core ingredients – swiss roll, jelly, custard and fruit it’s really all about having fun putting it together and combining your favourite ingredients.


If you are planning to serve a Trifle for dessert, it really is best to try and make it a day in advance, as this gives the jam roll enough time to absorb juice from the fruit as well as letting the flavours combine. When using biscuits you can serve immediately.

You can use any type of tinned fruit for this recipe, it’s also delicious (and sweet!) when made with tinned pineapples or pears.

To store any leftovers, place the Trifle into the fridge and cover with cling wrap. It’s best enjoyed within 2 – 3 days.


2 x Raspberry Jelly Packs

600 ml Nutriday Plain Yoghurt

400 grams jam swiss roll

I tin fruit salad drained

I tin sliced peaches drained

500 ml Ultra Mel Custard


Make your jelly as per the packet instructions and pour it into a large bowl and place into the fridge to set.

Drain the fruit salad and peaches and set aside until needed.

Cut the swiss roll into 1cm pieces. I used vanilla biscuits.

Arrange half of the jam swiss roll slices over the base of a serving bowl and top with ½ of the custard, half the fruit salad and peach slices, half of the jelly and half of the yoghurt. Repeat in the same order until your serving bowl is filled and a layer of yoghurt is on top. Place your trifle into the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours, or overnight if possible.

If you make the biscuit version, you can sever it immediately.

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