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Chellzkitchen is excited to report that over the holidays we hosted a family group of kids who made up our first Kids Class. This session was made up of brothers and cousins and my son Leboko who is a good friend to the boys.

The age range was 8 years old to 20 years old. This defiantly made the afternoon run smoothly as the older kids assisted with the younger ones. It was a learning curb for us at the kitchen also, when we do have requests for younger classes it is necessary to increase the number of sous chefs for the day. The boys were all excited to be in the kitchen and couldn’t wait to get started. We sat down and went through the menus together with everyone getting a chance to read as we discussed the menu.

It is very important to read a recipe in its totality when cooking. Once or twice I have been victim to skipping over steps and assuming that mixing the wet ingredients to the dry is our end goal. Only to find that I was in actual fact only supposed to have used half the flour to begin with. After finishing this very important part of the day, we went through the house rules. Wash and Sanitize, keep hands and surfaces clean, social distance at all times and very importantly safety first. When you are in the kitchen you always have to be aware of your surroundings, this is not just a tip for just the kids “We decided to keep the menu simple and classic at the same time with Homemade Beef Burgers, with parties spiced with Hinds The Strong One, Sweet Corn made extra sweet by boiling it in Delta Fresh Milk, Coleslaw and for Desert Malva Pudding with Ultra Mel Custard. Just to go back to the Sweet Corn, we recently discovered that boiling your sweetcorn in Delta Fresh milk brings out the sweetness in the corn. In actual fact we have set out to discover dishes which can be prepared with milk.

A lot of times dishes call for yoghurt or cream when there are plenty that can be made with milk. Go on to our Facebook Page Chellzkitchen where you can appreciate some of the dishes we will be creating with Milk. . Today we share with you the classic Malva Pudding Recipe as well as an account of the Kids Chellzkitchen Experiences by one of the mini Chefs for the day. “At 6 o clock, early in the morning , I got out of bed with a tired face .I had different thoughts in my head. Soon as I opened my bedroom door the first thing that popped up in my head was Chellzkitchen and I smiled to myself in excitement .I opened the passage door and went to watch some television, I was to wait for 2hours before I could eat breakfast, as I was walked into the kitchen I saw my mom walking out of her room wearing gym clothes holding her handbag and purse .She said “Good morning” to me, I asked, when is Chellzkitchen? she replied saying relax my boy, she said I am coming back at 10 00 a.m. to pick you up.

She poured some Delta Fresh Milk in my breakfast bowl and said bye. As soon as my mom left I poured my cereal and sat down to eat my breakfast, I was almost finished with my breakfast when my dad woke up and came over to say good morning. It must have been about 10 minutes later that my little brother Shalom woke up with a huge smile on his face screaming “We are making slime!! Once I finished with my breakfast i went and took a nice warm bath and dressed. I had not listened done what I said I would the night before, which was pick out clothes. I ended up taking a long time to find the clothes that I was going to wear. I heard my mom arrive and was sent into panic, I was still trying to finish dressing up so I just chose a random outfit.

I rushed outside to get into the car then we drove all the way to Chellzkitchen.

I was the first to arrive and shortly thereafter the photographer. I made friends with Smally the photographer and we waited for the guests to arrive. We sat down making sure we practice social distancing, then we introduced ourselves one by one before reading the menu. We would be making Malva pudding and my favourite ....Burgers .Class was amazing, we worked together as a team to collect ingredients and make sure we all cook well. My favourite thing was cooking with other and drinking sugar free 7Up s. The burgers were delicious I tried to make a double patty burger but I ended up sharing with Smally. I had a great experience cooking at Chellzkitchen thank you and bye .”

Malva pudding.


For the sponge: •

1 cup Bokomo Cake Flour, 125g

• 1 Tbs bicarbonate of soda

• 1/8 cup Pure Sugar 250g

• 1 egg •

1 Tbs Rhodes apricot jam

•1 Tbs vinegar

• 1 Tbs melted butter

• 1 cup Delta Fresh Milk 250ml For the sauce:

• ½ cup cream 125ml

• ½ cup Delta Fresh Milk 125ml

• ¼ cup Pure Sugar 250g

• ½ cup hot water 125ml

• ½ cup butter 125g

Baking method

1. Set oven at 180°C.

2. Grease, with butter, baking dish

3. Cut a piece of aluminium foil to cover it while the pudding is in the oven and grease it well with butter on one side.

4. Sift the flour and the bicarb into a bowl and stir in the sugar.

5. In another bowl beat the egg very well and add the remaining ingredients [excluding those for the sauce] one by one, beating well between each addition.

6.Mix wet ingredients into the dry ingredients well

7. Pour the batter into the prepared baking dish, cover with the foil, greased side down and bake for 45 minutes in the present oven until well risen and brown and for a further five minutes without the foil if not sufficiently brown. If not sufficiently baked the dessert will not take up all the sauce making it stodgy inside.

8. When the pudding is almost done, heat the ingredients for the sauce, ensuring that you melt all the sugar and butter.

9. When the pudding is done, remove from the oven, take off the foil and pour over the sauce. The pudding will take up all the sauce.

10. Serve hot, warm or at room temperature, though warm is best, with a little thin cream or Ultra Mel custard.

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