The Deception

Previously, we noted that although bogwera had been routinely practised amongst the Bakwena without any interference from the colonial regime for decades, while police investigations had uncovered only one case of assault and another firm allegation of attempted coerced recruitment (the alleged victim had escaped) during the 1931 initiation school; in May of 1931 Bechuanaland’s Resident Commissioner, Charles Rey, had nonetheless succeeded in using an exaggerated account of the dangers supposedly posed by this "new development" to convince the Colonial and Dominions Secretary, Sidney Webb, to finally approve an order to banish Kgosi Sebele II

Sebele was in bed recuperating from illness when he received a message that he, along with his uncles Kebohula and Moiteelasilo, was urgently needed at Mahikeng to attend a meeting with the other Dikgosi about water developments.

But, upon his arrival at the Imperial Reserve he knew he had been deceived. Once in Rey’s office, on Tuesday June 2 at 10:30 a.m., Sebele was informed that he had been “relieved of his functions” as Chief and was to be confined to Ghanzi.

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Doctor's orders can't be overemphasised

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