'Sis Drea' impresses at Mantlwaneng

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In an electrifying performance in Mantlwaneng, Andreattah 'Drea' Chuma proved that indeed the art of poetry, when infused with some music, produces a piece worthy of appreciation by the connoisseur.

Like one famous poet once put it, "Poets are soldiers who liberate words from the steadfast possession of meaning as evidenced by her coining of the word 'soems'- meaning a combination of songs and poetry. Drea, with a high level of proficiency in the spoken-word, set the stage ablaze as she brought words to life on stage backed up by a live band.

The show, which was called Andreattah Live, saw the poet who also dubs herself a songstress, dish out and captivate the audience with soems. Drea stated that her rather poetic album 1981 Was A Good Year, which was released early this year, is an expression and appreciation of love for her art. On taking the stage she started her performance with her song House of Zion much to the approval of the attendees.

Calling Them Home is collaboration with Zeus and it talks about Botswana and praises the country for being a country one can always come back to and miss when they are away. Drea refers to Botswana as the kind of woman who wears her home as dimples and a good mother who always makes sure her children are properly fed. Zeus did not disappoint in the collaboration as he laid out his lyrics in a flowing manner much to the delight of the audience who were blown away by his lyrical prowess.

Being a woman, Drea has an offering called Women Instincts in which she gives women credit for having the most powerful gift ever though she laments that they often injure it with excesses such as bad relationships and alcoholism. As an artist engaging with the audience is a must and Drea took the time to explain the motivation behind her jazz-inspired melodic songs.

The performance also featured artists like Nomadic, Bundu, Samantha Mogwe and Thato Chuma.  On closing the show she urged other artists to document their work even if it is not for commercial purposes but for the art.

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