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Masunga gets new chief

7/6/2005 11:59:55 AM (GMT +2)

FRANCISTOWN: Twenty six- year- old Thabo Masunga has been declared a new chief for Masunga village.

Masunga takes over from his uncle, Christopher Masunga who was regent for the past fourteen years after the death of Robert Masunga. Thabo is the first-born son of Robert.

"We met on July 1 and told Masunga residents that the royal house has taken a decision to enthrone Thabo. He accepted the chieftaincy of the village but his intention is to complete his schooling first end of this year before assuming his new role next year February," said Christopher, who is now presiding at the Francistown Customary Court of Appeal.

Masunga headman of record, Thabo Monaga will be a regent while the new chief is still completing his studies in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Masunga said that a day is still to be set to officially enthrone the new chief after he has assumed his role next year. He said that he had held the position for him since October 1991 and will continue to teach him what is expected from him as a chief.

"I have been given the responsibility by the royal house to teach him and mentor him in his new role. I will mentor him and teach him how to be a good leader, how to behave as a leader and also to teach him our culture in general," he told Mmegi.

When approached Thabo confirmed his acceptance for the position but said, " I am still just another child in the family and would like you to talk to my uncles about the issue."

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