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Kokorwe Heaps Praises On Nchindo

Lerato Maleke
Staff Writer

2/22/2004 10:21:38 PM (GMT +2)

The Assistant Minister of Local Government Gladys Kokorwe has said that the Managing Director of Debswana Louis Nchindo deserves to go to parliament when he retires. Kokorwe said that the outgoing Debswana boss has contributed a lot to the economy of Botswana by his leadership of the company.

"If this is true according to what I have read in the local newspapers then Nchindo must come to parliament," she said. Debating the budget speech last week Kokorwe said Nchindo is a hard worker.

She added that parliament needs the services of the Debswana boss. She argued that most of the time, government rewards or promotes people who are less useful while there are people who are capable. She added that such people are rewarded for doing nothing and die before their contributions are felt.

In an interview with Monitor last week Kokorwe said Nchindo is so talented and gifted that he can become a Vice President. On other issues Kokorwe appealed to the media and MPs to educate Batswana on the budget. She felt that a lot of people are not interested in the budget because they do not know what it is all about and what it holds for them. However she applauded Finance Minister Baledzi Gaolathe for translating the budget into Setswana a day after it was presented in Parliament. She added that people sometimes complain that everything including the State of the Nation Address is written in English. She said people in rural areas would have a chance to read the budget for themselves and understand what it contains.

Kokorwe appealed to civil servants to read and understand the budget. "They shouldn't read it only because they want to know whether their salaries have been increased or not. The most important thing is for the nation at large to know about its country's economy and this can be achieved when people listen to the minister when he presents the budget.

She said reading the budget will make the people understand why the government failed to implement certain and how much each ministry was allocated. She said this would save the MPs because time and again, they are blamed for promising their electorate developments and failing to deliver.

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