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Meet the revolution duo

4/1/2004 11:24:58 PM (GMT +2)

FRANCISTOWN: If you are a Revolution fan then read on to find out how much you did or didn't know about the South African based twin DJs. The twins George and Joseph Mothiba were born 27 years ago in Alexandra, South Africa, where they have lived all their lives.

They refused to disclose who the eldest between them is. Joseph said, "We are the same age. I don't count seconds.''

They are the last to be borns in the family of four. They have two elder sisters.

"We don't consider ourselves celebrities, we are role models. We don't come from a super family. It's simple and average. You just have to believe that you can make it regardless of where you come from.

He also explained that it took them a long time to come up with the name revolution.

"We were going to do different music so we wrote a list of names and revolution stood out. It went with what we were doing and wanted.''

According to him, their music is Afro dance and they have released four albums entitled Revolution one and two, Journey and Journey continues. Before their albums, the two were busy producing famous names such as Zola, T.K, DJs at Work, House T bose, Twistyle, the list is endless,'' said George.

"We have been to Gaborone and Maun but Gaborone is always rocking. It's not far from Jozi and we are here every now and then. The twins who don't smoke nor drink said they became DJs when they started stealing their uncle's radio cassettes whilst washing his car. "We would play them at our friends parties. Then we met Big Oscar who is now known as Oskido. He played the same kind of music that we did. He gave us more knowledge, ''said George. After chilling with Oscar for a year and half. They met Kingston who owned a music shop, which stored the music they wanted. He also gave them advice.

We have been at this job for the past 15 years.''

When asked about their future plans, Joseph chipped in and said, ``we have done most of what we wanted, we have a label, a studio the only thing left is to work extra hard and get international recognition as one of the best DJs.

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