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Vee Mampeezy in a picnic fight

Whilst Vee Mampeezy has come out to deny reports that he fought a sound engineer at the popular Sunday Ultimate last Sunday, the organiser of the event has confirmed that indeed the pint sized musician was actually involved in the fight.

After a video of Vee Mampeezy allegedly fighting on Sunday while performing at the chill session surfaced on Facebook this week, the Taku-Taku hitmaker went live on Facebook to rebut the allegations and set the record straight.

Defending his actions, Vee Mampeezy said he was never involved in the fight but rather his bouncers were fending off attacks from the sound engineer. He said haters who are out there to tarnish his image took the video and claimed that he was fighting even though he never fought anyone. 

“I got up on stage to perform. Then I announced that Dumalana has reached four million views on You Tube, therefore that must be celebrated. I told the Dj to play Dumalana. Everyone was excited and going up and down and dancing. But you must understand something, when you hire Vee, he will give his usual performance. Vee has energy on the stage. His performance involves dancing while climbing on to everything including speakers and the stage (roof) and as the sound man or stage man you must be prepared psychologically for that,” explained Vee Mampeezy.

According to him, the incident with his security started after the guy who was hired to provide sound on the day pulled him by a leg while he was on the trestle of the stage by the owner of the stage. 

“The security personnel were

there and watching, but when my security realised what happened it went and pushed the guy. I never fought. I got down the trestle and waited for the security to clear up for me so I go back stage,”

Vee Mampeezy explained that he told the organiser that he never fought the engineer. However, he stated that when the sound engineer refused to switch on the sound following the incident, he was forced to apologise so that he could continue his set.

In an interview with Showbiz, Sunday Ultimate organiser Tswelelang Maswabi confirmed that indeed there was a fight between Vee Mampeezy and the guy he had hired to provide sound at the monthly social picnic. 

“It was a small matter that could have been resolved but they fought. We were disappointed that it got beyond our control. We had to talk to the guys and reconcile them,” said Maswabi.

He said the ground where they had set up the stage were too soft as such they were concerned that it might collapse. As such, he said, they had informed him (sound engineer/stage manager) to tell Vee Mampeezy to avoid stunts that could affect its positioning and strength. However, he said the show went on well after they managed to convince both parties to reconcile. Tswelelang concluded that they apologise to their attendees for the incident.




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