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Segobaetsho adds charm to local comedy

Segobaetsho's storyline has won the hearts of social media users
With the mushrooming of social media comedians in the local industry in the past few years, another edition to the crop is Kago Segobaetso.

He has brought a different concept to comedy and gained popularity in the process.

In the past emerging comedians have brought totally different storylines and this has seen them winning fans from different walks of life. They include the likes of Motsetserepa aka William, Monna yo Motona, Mojamica just to mention but a few. 

Segobaetso, a 29-year-old comedian also known in the comedy industry as Jaah Breed from Mochudi is one of the talented local comedians. His immense talent has gone viral on social media. This young man’s storyline has won the hearts of social media users. Most of them relate to his stories despite being spiced up with a sense of humour.

 “Growing up, my uncle Motlhophi Seduledi got me into comedy. I remember when we were young he used to crack jokes and make everyone laugh. That is when I started developing the love of comedy. Landlords and tenants life is a concept based in real life situations. It has everything that happens in our everyday lifestyle,” he confidently said in an interview.

 The talented young man’s stories are based on real life experiences, more especially people who stay in rented houses in big cities. However, even though in most cases people never find such stories funny, this talented comedian decided to find a way of telling them in a hilarious way.   Jaah Breed explained that he chose his storyline because he is the kind of person who

likes to see other people smiling. He said he knew his fans would relate well to his work therefore making them laugh.

 In his videos, Jaah Breed plays the role of a female  landlord and he wears female clothing in the process. The  landlord is a very difficult character whose rules are always either ridiculous or even difficult for any tenant to adhere to.

The landlord is always interfering in her tenants’ businesses and goes to an extent of gossiping about them with her children by making false accusations. This has turned painful stories between landlords and their tenants into great humour.

 “People are showing love and support for my work.I have over 65, 000 likes and 82, 000 followers. My target audiences are people who enjoy my work,” he revealed.

 Segobaetsho further explained that other comedians both locally and internationally inspired his talent. He said locally he looks up to Mawee while internationally Leon Schuster inspires him. He also revealed that he does standup comedy.

 This young rib-cracker said he aspires to see himself hosting a TV show. He said he aims to go international because he had been getting positive feedback from people overseas telling how they like his comedy.

 “My talent is God-given talent. I would like to thank my team, my fans, my family for the love and support they give me. I want to thank OGM Designs for putting everything together. Thank you,” he concluded.




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