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Dikgosi advocate for 'Botho', 'Kagiso' as core subjects

House of Chiefs has moved a motion seeking for the government to introduce ‘Botho and Kagiso’ as core subjects in schools.

The house supported the motion that was tabled by Kgosi Mosadi Seboko yesterday as they collectively agreed that the introduction could be an answer to the ills of society.

Kgosi Seboko said when addressing the house that she was compelled to table the motion as she has observed the continuous display of lack of discipline among school-going children.

“The traditional system strongly needs to be introduced into the curriculum, there is a growing trend of indiscipline in our society and we need to address the situation from the grassroots,” she said.

Kgosi Seboko explained that the introduction of the concepts of Botho and Kagiso as

the key elements to nation building and to teach them as core elements of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools was long overdue.

She pointed out that lack of such subjects as core was the reason why there was a lot of rape cases, having children that go to school with knifes and an influx of drug use.

“I am disputing that the concepts have been touched on subjects as moral education, but now they need to be treated as core to show the seriousness that moral decay needs to be addressed before things get out of hand,” she said.




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