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Mogale JSS teachers decry dilapidated school, houses

TB Patient
Mogale Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers have petitioned the chief education officer for Jwaneng/ Mabutsane sub region, Abram Molelowamodimo concerning their staff welfare.

They further state that they believe he is compromised.

Some of the things the teachers complain about include extra pulmonary tuberculosis that affected four teachers, allergic reactions, staff health and safety emanating from poor drainage system, transfers, promotions and progressions and establishment register.

In their petition written on February 1, 2019 they indicate that the staff welfare is an important aspect in human resource management in an education institutions. On issue tuberculosis the petition reads, “ about four teachers are experiencing this factor, when they cough the fluids that do come out contain blood. When blowing their nose also the mucus comes with extraction of blood. Though we have some other members of staff living in brick houses it does not mean that the houses are in good condition. There is inadequate accommodation, our school finds it difficult to use the Housing policy and adhere to it”.

The teachers complain that there is poor drainage system in each and every house, which remains a hazard to the entire staff and even the community at large.

The petition also says the increasing multiple and sometimes conflicting expectations which result in an excessive workload for the staff filled with growing tension, stress and, increasingly, burn out and also many perils within the workplace.

Still on the petition, the teachers complain that there is a caravan that is said to be base rooms for form 1 classes which does not have doors and windows and it has exposed electrical cables and dilapidated ceiling in all areas.

The teachers say the state in which the caravan is in it cannot be used for teaching and learning environment.

“For a very long time we have been neglected by the highest authorities. Former design and technology teacher lost two fingers whilst at work and one was assaulted by a student using a metal rod. The sub region has failed to give us moral support. Again we have issues of transfers, 13 teachers have more than five years in the school. We submit and demand that appropriate and rational procedures be taken in edict to curl such incongruities, that is five years should be the maximum stay of each and every employee and be placed in urban centres so as to

have room for development in any form,” it says.   

Meanwhile the school is termed to be operating under two head of houses whereas on the ground it is operating as an 18 stream as in house arrangement.  The teachers demand the conversion of the school to a 21 stream with immediate effect and also recommend that some villages should not be their feeder schools. These are Ralekgetho, Gasita and Pitseng.

It says the boarding facilities are crowded  as for example actual hostel capacity is 192 and currently it houses 387 girls and each dorm has 16 student instead of eight and boys hostels actual capacity 192 but currently it has 372. 

On issues of promotions and progressions, the teachers say they experience exterior promotions, yet they have proficient, competitive and adept colleagues.

“What rests to be disconcerting is that those that are well off to be promoted are being promoted to the most remote areas. For the past 10 years only five teachers have been promoted. Our school is run by employees in which case, most of our teachers in the school are in Acting and Coordinating positions, which is totally unfair on the employees. We have cases of teachers not progressing on time which results in them being hit hard on the issues of tax for the late transition,” the petition says.

For his part, Molelowamodimo said they were aware of the problems at Mogale school and admitted that they had received the petition.

“We are having a meeting today (Thursday) with teachers, school management and other relevant stakeholders about the school situation and teachers welfare. The meeting will be attended by the director of Basic Education from the Ministry and the sub region officers together with MPs from feeders areas.  Something will be done and that is why we had invited all relevant stakeholders to find a way out,” Molelowamodimo said.

The area MP, Edwin Dikoloti said he was aware of the problems of Mogale school and he hopeds that the meeting would bring positive results. 

In 2016, the pass rate for the school was 19%, in 2017 it was 11%, 2018 10.6%  and 2019 16.8%. The school does not have books and teachers do not have preparatory material for lessons.




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