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SOTS 2020 themed on women’s role in society

The sub-theme for the 2020 event Re Belegwe is meant to celebrate the role of women in nurturing all of society and especially in culture PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG
A bigger and better Son of the Soil (SOTS) is coming this year again and it has been pencilled for February 29, 2020, at Stay Well Gardens in Rasesa.

Last year and other years before, it had been held at Serokolwane Lawns in Oodi.

Patrons this year are in for a splendid shock as they will be able to see and be swept off their feet as to how SOTS has grown as an event.

Since inception, it continues to bring to its devotees, a cultural experience like no other, a memorable event for many.

One of the items for appreciation by the patrons will be a colourful sociable episode, which is one of the highlights of the occasion.

The overshadowing theme for SOTS has been “kwa re go yang” (literally where we’re headed) from 2015 and will remain so to the period leading to 2024 events. The phrase is a knee-jerk reminder that culture is without doubt, one of the pillars for national development.

“We strongly believe that development must be anchored on a strong national identity,” Pontsho Pusoetsile, event organiser and chairperson of the event’s parent organisation dubbed Bana Ba Mmala, philosophised in an interview. 

The theme for SOTS 2020 event is Kwa re go yang – Re Belegwe, which translates to “Where we are headed - In the Cradle of our Mothers”. The sub-theme for the 2020 event Re Belegwe is meant to celebrate the role of women in nurturing all of society and especially in culture.

Pusoetsile added that they

wanted to bring the contribution of women in growing culture to the forefront, and show that women will continue to be the focal point in any national or global effort aimed at growing cultural unity.  

A number of women are expected to participate this year as the theme celebrates their everyday efforts in improving the society, with some high-profile women anticipated to grace the event.

Beyond showcasing women in leadership and their impact on society and the whole concept of culture, the event seeks to promote cultural tourism to the benefit of its attendees.

“We are concerned with having people as engaged as they can possibly be with the event and activities that make part of the day, in a bid to promote the culture of Botswana and its people and keep it alive,” Pusoetsile revealed.

He added that all proceeds made from the event will not be for personal gain, but will rather be invested in improving the event and what it offers to the community. 

Tickets to the event are available at P250 normal and P200 for students, with the exception that they provide proof of enrolment with an institution. Son of the Soil has received a lot of positive feedback since its inception and members of the society are encouraged to attend. They will not be disappointed.




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