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A letter to my butterfly

Hi my beautiful Butterfly! I hope this letter finds you in good health.

I hope that the prisons officers there are treating you kindly. Otherwise I will feed them to crocodiles. I hear they denied you bail and want to try you in secret.

Don’t agree to such nonsense, my butterfly. Ask for a public trial. It is your only insurance against injustice. You will thank me later. Don’t despair and please don’t think God doesn’t love you. God and I love you. In the end, it will be alright. We will be happy together.

I right simply to let you know that you are not alone in your trials and tribulations. I am bringing you greetings from Kenneth Kerekang and Bakang Seretse, the NPF case boys.  You would know them, or at least have heard about them.

At the NPF case we received with shock the news that the second wave of selective justice has claimed your beautiful scalp. It is, of course, the work of the Directorate Of Public Prosecutions,  that politically infiltrated organisation. You are being accused of financial misdeeds running into billions of Pula and every slay king idiot out here wishes they were your boyfriend. Please tell them the next best thing after a Kgosi is another Kgosi.

For the past weeks, your name has dominated social media and newspaper space. The journalists have made a killing out of your name and yet they continually write rubbish about you. Forget them, we will sue them later.  Whist at it, I hope there is a way we can get intellectual property protection on your code name; “Butterfly”.

Gaborone CBD wannabes, like my friend Busang Manewe can finally wear a label that truly speaks to real billions and not the imaginary billions that fill their heads. At present, you are the most famous lady on social media by the way, easily beating the First Lady and Thea Khama.

My poor Butterfly! You must be wondering how quickly fortunes can change. Just accept is as a reality in life. The vicissitudes of fortune bury queens and maidens in a common grave. I am sorry to tell you this but it is true. Your misfortune can be traced down to just one fact; you played in the billionaire league and you weren’t there by birthright.

 What on earth were you doing in the billionaire game, my Butterfly? Two years ago, it was Bakang Seretse and Kenneth Kerekang. Just like you, they dared fate by agreeing to transact on government millions. Now they remain in the clutches of the corrupt and gilded prosecution system.

The people by whom they were instructed are free of the charges they face. I know it sounds like a joke

but it is true. The system is a joke anyway. And guess who put them in prison in December, 2017; the very masters themselves on whose instructions they acted. The system decided they would be scapegoats.

System deployees protected the real thugs.  They were selected just the same way the farmer decides which chicken will get its head chopped off on the arrival of an important guest. They were considered vulnerable, dispensable and forgettable. Don’t be surprised if you suffer the same fate.

To project distance from the transactions, the system bigwigs denied their own signatures and alleged that they had nothing to do with them in spite of a mountain of records to the contrary.

I am simply saying to you, my Butterfly, that you will be on bail soon. No, you won’t stay forever in that stinking hell hole. When you are out, give me, Bakang Seretse and Kenneth Kerekang a call.  I will host you and your lawyer for coffee.

You will need lessons on how to survive the government’s system of selective justice, lies and scapegoating. You will need to be schooled on how to survive investigative and prosecutorial dishonesty. Don’t expect support from your former masters.

They are not to be trusted at all. No one is coming, my Butterfly. Only your family and your lawyer and my love will see you through this. Your former masters will not even show up in court to give evidence in support of you, let alone just to extend moral support.

They are such cowards and so are your persecutors. You are on your own, my Butterfly. Unfortunately, that is the name of the game. Only those with the birthright to deal in billions survive.

I mean someone showed me your homestead at Block 7 the other day and it didn’t even have a screen wall. See how cruel they are! Don’t worry anyway, I will build you a screen wall. 

You were not chosen because you were loved or admired for your abilities at work or such finer arts as were insinuated by the prosecution from alleged emails. You were chosen because you were dispensable and disposable.

Well, I don’t know if you are guilty or not. Really, I don’t care so long as your alleged masters are outside prison.  I must say that I have seen your charge sheet and I reserve my comments on it out of respect for the judicial process.

I have strong views about it though. Maybe, when you come out, we can take a vacation to Hawaii where I can tell you my opinion. Just the two of us.

See you soon, my Butterfly

Chief On Friday



A luta continua

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