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Motion Divides BFA

Tebogo Sebego and Maclean Letshwiti
Botswana Football Association (president, Maclean Letshwiti on Saturday pleaded for time to consult following a heated exchange between delegates at the special general assembly over a motion calling for extension of terms for regional leaders.

The motion attracted controversy right at the start of the meeting as delegates argued over whether it was supposed to have been included in the agenda of the day. Some felt that the special general assembly was specifically for the discussion of the association’s financials since the item was deferred at the last general assembly last month.

They argued that the motion should not have been included in the agenda while others felt that it could still be discussed despite the Saturday assembly having been called for the discussions of the financials. In the end the majority voted that the motion be included in the agenda and be discussed on the day.

One of the proposals of the motion was that there should be change of the commencement date for the 2016 resolution allowing the term of the association’s regional leaders to be increased to four years instead of two.

While the initial resolution was to take effect from 2020 after the BFA constitution has been amended, the Saturday motion called for the resolution to be implemented retrospectively with effect from the 2018 structural assemblies and allow the current regional leaders to hold office until 2022.

Those in support of the motion argued that the changes would allow the regional committees time to plan, implement and evaluate projects especially those coming from FIFA.

They also pointed out that the BFA was currently running important projects like the four-year technical plan which runs up to 2022 as well as the Operation Time for change capacity building project. They said the current regional structures were intimately involved with the programmes that

cost the association an average of P2 million per year. They said by retaining the current office bearers of these structures, there would be a return on investments.

However, those who opposed the motion felt that the regional office bearers wanted to increase their term without the knowledge and approval of those who voted them into office in 2018.

Notwane president, Tebogo Sebego expressed opposition to the motion arguing that it would be unlawful for the general assembly to pass the motion while the people who voted regional leaders into office, being the clubs, have no knowledge of the matter.

He said it was important that the regional leaders went back to the clubs to obtain the mandate from them. He further said implementing the motion could taint not only the image of the association but also that of the president of the association.

Police XI chairperson, Solomon Mantswe was also vocal on his disapproval of the motion saying the general assembly could not pass such a resolution. In the end, Letshwiti asked the general assembly to allow him to defer the matter to a later date so that he could go and consult.

He said there had to be a balance between the business side of the decision as well as the legal side. “I want to be confident when I make a decision. I suggest you allow me to defer this matter so that I can go and consult. There is a legal and business side and there has to be a balance. I will get back to you within 30 days,” he said. 




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