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Greyhounds invade Kanye

Greyhounds on race PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
The stage is set for Thuntsha Lerole Greyhound Racing Experience, which is sponsored by Tiro Kganela. The race will be held at Kanye show grounds tomorrow morning.

The event is organised by Botswana Greyhound Association (BGA). A total of 54 dogs have been registered to compete in different categories based on age and breed. The highly anticipated race is in the open speeds 400m race that has brought together Quicksilver and Strider.

Race line up:

Under 9 speeds: 200m

1.      Stimela

2.      Overdrive

3.      Chill boys secret

4.      Hiroshima

5.      Strong guy

6.      Zama


Under 15 speeds: 300m 

1.      Rumble boy

2.      No doubt

3.      Sotchi

4.      Black Velvet


Under 18 speeds: heat 1. 300m 

1.      Wild Angel

2.      King Monada

3.      Extra Chilly

4.      Fighter jet

5.      Follow the



Under 18 speed: heat 2. 300m

1.      Fear

2.      Tracy

3.      Sonic flight

4.      GD6


Under 18 cross: heat 1. 400m

1 Gripen

2. Rose

3. Burning Spear

4. Kamina

5. Amber


Under 18 cross: Heat 2. 400m 

1.      Bad girl

2.      Bronx

3.      Thunder Queen

4.      Zola

5.      Atomos 2000


Open cross: heat 1. 500m 

1.      Drogba

2.      Motlhanka

3.      Top stranger


Open cross: Heat 2. 500m 

1.      Saulo

2.      Marry

3.      Mkgatla

4.      Pistorious


Open speeds: 400m

1.      Silver dollar

2.      Quicksilver

3.      Ash

4.      Mr Johnny

5.      Strider

6.      Wrong turn


Open speeds: 500m 

1.      Tracer

2.      Fireball

3.      Elvis

4.      Captain K

5.      Superman

6.      Hot wave


Challenge races 


1. West wind

2. Zigorro



1. Extra Chilly

2. Mr Johnny

3. Sotchi




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